John McTernan: Voting No because I love Scotland

COMMENT: All nationalists are patriots but not all patriots are nationalists and Yes campaign would do well to remember it, writes John McTernan.
McTernan questions whether the Scottish independence movement has lost some of its emotional edge through its "message discipline".

There are many spurious arguments on both sides in the independence debate, but the most fallacious by far is that the No campaign are “unionists”. We’re not. We’re actually “status quo-ists”. Not fans of guitar solos by denim-clad long-hairs, but people who oppose disruptive and unnecessary constitutional change.
Now I understand why the Yes campaign want to lump all of their opponents into one box. As the saying goes – “it takes a stigma to beat a dogma”. But the unionist tradition is only one of the strands of opinion that believes that the United Kingdom has been a force for good, here in Scotland and abroad more generally.

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