Jamie Maxwell: Radical Scotland has left its ghetto

COMMENT: Jamie Maxwell responds to Gerry Hassan of the Scottish Review, who called for left-wing activists and thinkers to think in a more radical way in an article released this week.
Maxwell argues that this is already the case, claiming Hassan’s comments "over-simplify" the current situation in Scotland.

Gerry Hassan has a piece in the Scottish Review this week – A Letter to Scotland’s New Radicals – which calls on the pro-independence left to abandon its “unrealistic” and “impossibilist” (whatever that means) approach to politics.
Parts of the Scottish left, Hassan says, have a habit of trading on “a series of simplifications and inaccuracies”, including the belief that Scotland is inherently egalitarian, that the Yes campaign is fighting an anti-colonial battle against English oppression and that Britain is “broken, unreformable and undemocratic”.

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