Gerry Hassan: Why the Nazis are alive and kicking in the referendum

COMMENT: Gerry Hassan analyses the preoccupation of some referendum commentators with Nazism, in his latest piece on OpenDemocracy.Hassan looks at the debate around Scotland and the UK’s relationship with Germany, as well as attempts to link Nationalist figures like Hugh MacDiarmid with fascism.
Hassan concludes that many of the remarks are fuelled by "anger, indignation and fury".

The Nazis are on the rise everywhere. They are cited on both sides of the bitter Ukrainian conflict, in places such as Greece and Hungary with neo-Nazi and fascist parties, and in some of the outrageous comments of the French Front National and even Ukip’s more extreme fringe.
The spectre of the Nazis and fascism have become increasingly omnipotent over the last twenty years to become a defining set of historical and cultural references in the UK, and England in particular.

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