Colin Wright: Yes or No, roll on Jack and Victor

COMMENT: The referendum campaign has been dreary, confusing and "almost embarrassing", according to PR consultant Colin Wright.
Writing in Scot-Buzz, Wright claims the Yes campaign are winning the personality battle, but that the debate overall has been of a low standard and light on facts.
He writes: "The referendum campaign from both sides has not been glorious. How many times have we seen a photograph of the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ with some inane grinning politician in the foreground/background?"

Less than 100 days to go. All that impatient waiting will be at an end and we can all finally have a laugh. It is of course just 100 days until the stage version of Still Game starts at the Hydro.
In that other 100 day deadline – to the end of this dreary and ill-informed campaign – I am sure people are by now far less interested.

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