Book review: Britain Rebooted: Scotland in a Federal Union by David Torrance

REVIEW: Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser reviews Herald columnist David Torrance’s new book on Scotland and a possible federal United Kingdom.
Fraser praises the book for "moving on from discussing federalism in the abstract to look at policy areas where a federal approach could actually reap benefits. This is an interesting and welcome departure, moving Torrance purely from being a theorist into the realm of more practical politics."

You wait ages for a good book on federalism in the UK and then, like corporation buses, two come along (almost) at once. 
In “The Reformed Union: The UK as a Federation”, David Melding put forward a strong argument for a federal future for the UK, one that could potentially bind together both unionist and nationalist sentiments, and provide a properly balanced constitution. Now we have the latest contribution to the debate, from our own David Torrance.

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