Analysis: How further devolution could save the Union

ANALYSIS: Ed Fieldhouse of Manchester University looks at the results of a recent British Election Study survey, and suggests that the devolution pledge of the pro-union parties could pose a serious problem for Yes Scotland.
Fieldhouse, Professor of Social and Political Science, writes: "The Yes Scotland campaign has two related problems. One is that not enough voters are convinced that their demands will be unmet within the Union. 
"The other is that even amongst those who do not expect the Union to satisfy their wishes, a substantial minority say they vote ‘No’ anyway or are undecided."

As the Scottish referendum campaign moves into the final three months the pro Union parties have emphasised their commitment to more devolution should Scotland choose to remain in the Union. The Conservatives recently outlined plans to devolve additional tax raising powers to the Scottish Parliament, allowing it to raise 40% of the money it spends… Labour’s proposals would also give the Scottish Parliament the power to raise 40% of its total budget… (and) the Liberal Democrats suggest that “income tax paid by Scottish taxpayers should be almost entirely the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament”.

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