Alex Massie: Of course the BBC is biased against Scottish Nationalists

COMMENT: Alex Massie responds to protests over the weekend claiming that the BBC is institutionally biased against supporters of Scottish independence.
Massie posits that the protesters are correct, in as much as "the burden of proof is presumed to lie with those advocating separation not with those who can live with the status quo."
However, Massie argues that this is down to the corporation’s ongoing bias against radical change rather than a specific decision to back Better Together.

There are many reasons for this but let’s begin with the first and simplest: it is the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Who could have imagined that an organisation that, rightly or not, sees itself as both creator and guardian of much of modern Britain’s identity and culture might think itself threatened by a movement hell-bent on destroying, or at least significantly changing, that identity and culture? I know, me neither.

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