Alasdair Gray: London rule can’t deliver a better Scotland

COMMENT: Artist and playwright Alasdair Gray outlines his reasons for backing Scottish independence in this piece in The Guardian.
Gray tracks the debate around the independence issue from his birth in 1934, and concludes that Scotland needs the focus and attention that will come from independence rather than remaining part of the United Kingdom.

When Harold Wilson campaigned in 1970, a very young Conservative flung an egg which broke against him. Wilson showed humour and decency by shouting, "Don’t touch that boy! Let him go! He should be bowling for England!"
In 2010 David Cameron’s government removed funds from youth centres, thus closing one in Cameron’s constituency where a 12–year-old boy met his friends. On the internet the boy invited other youths to picket the prime minister’s constituency office… Police went to the boy’s school, took him from his class, and in the presence of a teacher (not his parents) told him that if public disorder happened outside Cameron’s office he would be arrested, even if not present.

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