Adam Ramsay: The path to independence is well trodden

COMMENT: In the latest of a series of pieces in support of Scottish independence, Adam Ramsay highlights the changing face of global politics since the Union came into being in 1707.
Ramsay writes: "Around 30 per cent of the people on earth live in a country which has at some point gone through the process of transitioning from London rule to home rule. Of Scotland’s nearest neighbours, three became independent in the 20th century: Norway, Iceland and Ireland."

Many of the comments coming from Better Together seem to take the form “but how will we do this?”. This motif came to its climax, perhaps, in Better Together’s much parodied 500 questions.
In themselves, some of this list might have been reasonable, were it not for the fact that they could equally have been asked of a no vote. “Question 365: what will the minimum wage be in a separate Scotland?”… what will it be in the UK in spring 2016? It fell in real terms by 38p between 2009 and 2012. Was that predictable?

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