Scottish film

Scottish film

The city's under water in a movie to float your boat

A BUS floats down Princes Street, past a crumbling Balmoral Hotel and a deserted Scott Monument.

Huge ambitions, tiny budgets: the future of film

A SCOTTISH director is aiming to revolutionise film-making north of the border by using cutting-edge technology to establish a studio for "micro-budget" feature films.

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Hebridean mill lands Spielberg film role

IT IS tucked away down a country lane, boasts only five staff and relies on machinery dating back to the Victorian era.

A touch of Bollywood glamour lights up the streets of the capital's old town

SCOTLAND'S capital has become home to another major movie production – from India.

Hollywood comes to isle of 'Hegg' in a Local Hero for the 21st century

TWO of Scotland's biggest screen names are poised to begin filming in a romantic comedy set on a fictional Scottish island.

Record year, but Highland film body faces being put on hold

A BODY that generates up to £4 million a year by helping put the Highlands and Islands on the big screen is financially unsustainable, despite enjoying a record-breaking year, a new report reveals.

Film company calls on extras for Scots short

FILM producers are looking for extras who don't mind a bit of blood and gore to feature in a short feature.

Richard Jobson on way to Afghanistan for film

SCOTTISH film director Richard Jobson heads to Afghanistan this week to research his new war film Into The Valley, which he will shoot later this year on a budget of £500,000.

Interview: Douglas Rae - Somewhere man

LAST year, Douglas Rae acquired a stalker. Not the dangerous kind, more the I'm-desperate-to-work-with-you variety.

Film classics boost cinema campaign

THE seaside town of Nairn is famed as the favourite resort of Charlie Chaplin and the current home of Oscar winner Tilda Swinton.

Toronto is in focus for Smith

CITY filmmaker Martin Smith is to take part in the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

Director Richard Jobson and actor Dougray Scott on their new dark thriller

Director Richard Jobson and actor Dougray Scott have returned to their homeland to make a dark thriller about two very different sides of Edinburgh society. And it's very much a tale for our times

Farewell to boy who sailed into legend

IT STARTED as an attempt to escape his father's wrath and ended in a real-life Boy's Own adventure.

Bakery film that was an inspiration coins in the dough at film festival

EVEN in Hollywood, film awards rarely bring more than a statuette, a movie star's handshake and, hopefully, enough publicity to sell a few more tickets.

City asylum seeker film scoops global award

A FILM about asylum seekers in Edinburgh has won an award at a US film festival.

Braveheart wins battle to be top Scots movie of all time

IT MAY have been filmed 13 years ago but Mel Gibson's stirring portrayal of William Wallace in Braveheart was unforgettable.

Dark take on the new town

IT'S early evening but a bleary eyed Richard Jobson is having breakfast. The film director is well and truly on night shift, making his latest movie, a dark, high-octane thriller called New Town Killers.

Nessie film proves star attraction

BRAVEHEART, Rob Roy and Harry Potter are hard cinematic acts to follow. But the story of an egg that hatches into the Loch Ness Monster has provoked a huge response from American filmgoers who now want to visit its legendary Scottish home.

Silenced movie: Ono scotches tartan ballad of John and Yoko

Widow denies song rights to film about Lennon's return to the Scotland of his childhood

The reel deals

WHEN the Bafta Scotland nominations were announced last year, most of us – myself included – homed in on the fact that only one woman was nominated in the Best Actress category. While we were busy bemoaning the lack of women working in the Scottish screen industries, we failed to notice that the short film category was dominated by women filmmakers alone. More surprisingly, all three films were documentaries.

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