Scottish Conservative Party

Scottish Conservative Party

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Tory leader will debut with team undecided

THE Scottish Conservatives are in chaos after senior figures in the party refused to accept front-bench roles offered to them by Ruth Davidson just days into her leadership.

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‘There will be a very big role for Murdo Fraser in the new team’ says Ruth Davidson

NEWLy elected Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has promised that there will be a “very big role” in the party for her defeated rival Murdo Fraser following a bitter leadership contest.

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Tories: restore a legacy or build anew?

I’ve been a Scottish Conservative candidate three times, am a former member of the party’s Scottish national executive, was a parliamentary adviser to a number of Conservative MSPs between 2003 and 2007, and have experience of campaigning across Scotland.

Rifkind says party needs to back Fraser for Scotland’s sake

SCOTTISH Tory grandee Sir Malcolm Rifkind has said the party would “be letting Scotland down” if it failed to back Murdo Fraser in the bitter contest to succeed Annabel Goldie.

I’m backing Fraser, says grandee McLetchie

DAVID McLetchie has become the latest high-profile politician to throw his support behind Murdo Fraser in the increasingly divisive battle to lead the Scottish Conservatives.

Media chief suspended over ‘Davidson talks’

SCOTTISH Conservative media director Ramsay Jones has been suspended from his post, amid claims he attended a campaign event for one of the candidates in the party’s increasingly bitter leadership election.

Tory leadership favourite calls for cut to income tax using devolved powers

THE frontrunner in the Scottish Tory leadership election, Ruth Davidson, has told The Scotsman she would like to lead her party into an election with a promise to cut income tax using devolved powers.

Brian Monteith: Time for our bungling unionists to sober up

Labour and Conservative leaders at Holyrood have for years been behaving like drunks in a brewery

Gavin Brown named as Tory spokesman for finance

Tory MSP Gavin Brown has become the party's new finance spokesman, as party leader Annabel Goldie unveiled her front-bench team for the coming months.

MSPs sworn into new Scottish Parliament

MEMBERS of the Scottish Parliament - old and new - were sworn in today following the SNP's landslide victory in the Holyrood election last week.

Supporters to bankroll Annabel Goldie's No2 for leadership

SCOTTISH Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser has received offers from party supporters to help bankroll a leadership bid to succeed Annabel Goldie.

Ian Swanson: Who will take the vacant leadership roles of the opposition parties

Wanted: Leaders for Scotland's three main opposition parties. Ian Swanson looks at some possible candidates.

From the school playground to the campaign trail, a life lived in front of the camera

FOR six years as Scottish Tory leader, Annabel Goldie was one of the most colourful and likeable characters at Holyrood, famous for her self-deprecating humour and bizarre photo opportunities.

Analysis: Order! Order! Give Goldie the gavel : she'll have them all by the short and curlies

IT WAS only a few weeks ago that Annabel Goldie was saying she would have Alex Salmond by the "short and curlies" if there was any nonsense from him. How the kitchen tables have turned.

Analysis: She was funny and much-liked but just couldn't persuade people to vote Tory

QUITE simply, Annabel Goldie humanised the Scottish Conservatives. From the moment she took over from David McLetchie in late 2005 "Bella", as she was known, steadied the tartan Tory ship.

Review orders overhaul

FORMER Tory minister Lord Sanderson was asked to carry out a full review of why the party failed to make electoral gains north of the Border after last year's UK general election, when they returned only one MP from Scotland.

Alex Salmond claims third scalp as Annabel Goldie quits as Scots Tory chief

ANNABEL Goldie has become the third Scottish party leader to quit in the aftermath of the SNP's sweeping victory in last week's Holyrood elections.

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Annabel Goldie resigns

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives is to step down following the "seismic" Holyrood election results.

Brown 'in bid to rule Tories'

LOTHIANS MSP Gavin Brown was today tipped as a possible candidate to take over from Annabel Goldie as leader of the Scottish Tories.

Election update: Independence back to the fore | Post-debate analysis | Latest opinion polls

Our round-up of all the stories from the Holyrood election campaign trail, plus the picture of the day and political cartoon.

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