Scottish child poverty

Scottish child poverty

Labour's child poverty proposals welcomed

The Child Poverty Action Group has welcomed some of the ideas in a report on early years and poverty published yesterday.

Highers expose growing poverty divide

THE shameful extent of Scotland's poverty divide has been laid bare by new figures which show the gap between school attainment in the wealthiest and poorest areas has widened.

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Criticism as cash for children in care is kept by councils

HUNDREDS of Scotland's most vulnerable children have missed out on payments intended to give them a better start in life because councils in Scotland have not passed on the money to them.

Martin Hannan: Don't let estates sink any further

THE Scheme. Love it or loathe it, you could not ignore BBC Scotland's devastating exposé of what passes for life on a sink estate in Kilmarnock. I confess I watched it through my fingers, cringing at each successive tableau of sluttish drug-addled debauchery, appalled yet riveted by the human tragedies unfolding in front of our eyes.

Child poverty in Scotland increases by 10,000 in year

THE number of children living in poverty has risen for the first time in more than a decade, with 10,000 more youngsters in poor households than a year earlier.

One in five Scottish children living in 'persistent poverty'

ONE in five children in Scotland is still living in extreme poverty, seriously jeopardising health, happiness and education.

Number of children in care reaches highest level for almost 30 years

THE number of children in care has reached its highest level for almost 30 years.

Politicians squabble over child poverty failure

A PROMISE to cut child poverty by half in Scotland will be missed next year, the new children's commissioner has warned.

No beds for 9,000 young runaways

SCOTLAND has a critical shortage of refuge beds for young runaways, the nation's biggest children's charity has warned.

Child poverty numbers grow

THE number of children in families living on benefits has increased by 170,000 over the past year, with child poverty growing in affluent as well as traditionally hard hit areas, according to a new report.

Door to top professions still closed to poorer children

BRIGHT children from middle-class and working-class families are still missing out on professional jobs because of "elitism", a government-commissioned report warned yesterday.

Deprived young Scots face greater risk of heart disease

YOUNGER Scots from deprived backgrounds are about six times more likely to die from heart disease than those who are better off, research revealed yesterday.

Scottish budget cuts 'hit bid to end child poverty by 2020'

A DRIVE to end child poverty by 2020 is under threat because of cuts to Scotland's budget, Scottish ministers have warned.

One in five Scots children 'abandoned to poverty since 2004'

ONE in five Scots children lives in poverty, and efforts to improve their lives stalled five years ago, according to a study today.

Child poverty targets now appear impossible to meet

ONE in every six Scots still lives in poverty, according to figures published yesterday.

Third of households in the Capital 'facing fuel poverty'

NEARLY one in three Edinburgh households will be left in so-called "fuel poverty" over the winter, a charity claimed today.

Labour's target for cutting child poverty under threat

EFFORTS to cut the number of children living below the official breadline in Scotland have stalled, it was revealed yesterday, threatening the UK government's target to halve child poverty by 2010.

Scotland: a nation failing its children

SCOTTISH children are being denied the right to play by a society which increasingly treats them with fear and suspicion, a hard-hitting report to the United Nations will claim this week.

Youth MSPs in poverty protest

THE Scottish Youth Parliament has joined forces with charities in calling for an end to child poverty.

Efforts to end poverty fail parents who work

EFFORTS to combat child poverty are failing to help poor parents who are holding down a job.

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