Scotsman Property Guide Part 3 - Getting away

Scotsman Property Guide Part 3 - Getting away

Treasure island

WHEN I tell my London friends about my morning walk along Salen Bay, I know I’m only doing it to make them jealous.

Natural Law

MOre than 20 years ago when we were about to move from Edinburgh to a house in the Yarrow Valley, a London friend expressed astonishment, even horror, at the idea. She belonged evidently to the Dr Johnson "the man who is tired of London is tired of life" school of thought. She considered Edinburgh a bit slow, which, to be fair, it still was in the early Eighties; but if Edinburgh was slow, life in the country must be absolutely stationary. Which, in a way, I suppose it is.

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Buying abroad - Italy

Italy, with its renaissance art, high fashion, culinary excellence and flamboyant culture, captures the British imagination in a way few other countries can rival.

Holiday home sweet home

FRASER Shaw and his wife, Angelle, have the perfect cure for stress. They pack comfortable clothes, bundle their two children, Jessica and Lewis into the back of their Ford Focus and drive for two and a half hours. It is not the purring of the engine nor the striking scenery that soothes but that first glimpse of their weekend bolt-hole, a rose-covered cottage in Kingsbarns, on the East Neuk of Fife.

Country Pursuits

So you want to buy an estate? Perhaps you imagine yourself crawling over the heather stalking red deer, or casting your fly as salmon bob to the water’s surface.

Buying abroad - Spain

LURED by the sunshine, the siestas and the sangria, pensioners looking to escape British weather have long counted Spain among the top destinations. More recently, however, the country has been attracting a younger crowd. Barcelona, which has been enjoying a reputation as the ultimate in city chic, has done much to boost tourism, and there is a growing appreciation of the lesser-known resorts on virgin coastline.

The great house exchange

SO, you’ve scrimped and saved to get a foothold on the property ladder, and eventually find yourself in a two bedroom townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town. But what would the same money buy you elsewhere in the country? It may be small comfort to know that houses in the capital cost around half as much as those in London, when you consider that what you paid for your property could also buy you an uninhabited ten acre island off the west coast of Scotland.

Fêted in France

IT’S 9am on a Monday morning and underneath the shade of a tree by the River Garonne, breakfast is served.

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