Scotsman Property Guide Part 2 - City Living

Scotsman Property Guide Part 2 - City Living

Tales of the city

Let’s face it. The Big Smoke is where it’s at. Yes there’s litter, yes there’s noise, yes congestion. But none of that matters. Well, not much - certainly not enough to make you want to give up all the good things that city living has to recommend it.

Northern lights


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Stair crazy

THEY might be linked by a stair, but there’s never any guarantee that the households within a tenement will have anything else in common. Getting along with your neighbours "up a close", requires consideration, compromise and a vital understanding of the unspoken rules.

Capital gains


House couture

WHEN buying a flat, the traditional advice is that there are a few key features that are a good idea. Walls, for instance. Yet when film and television producer Shona Donaldson bought her property in Leith, she could only tell where her flat began and ended by the chalk lines on the floor that marked out her space in a former warehouse.

Playing the system

WHEN Alistair and Marie Brown sold their house in London and headed north to Edinburgh, they arrived with a sizeable deposit and the expectation of finding a dream family home within a few months. The reality, however, has been a frustrating battle with Scotland’s house-buying system. Two years on, after bidding for their eighth property in the capital, they finally secured a four-bedroom house in Portobello.

No mean city


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