Scotsman Orange Communicators Award

Scotsman Orange Communicators Award

The Scotsman/Orange Communicator Awards: First Runner-Up

It was a simple question. While studying an old Bathgate street map I asked the class if our Over Fifties Community Centre stood on the site of the old Mid Street police station. Yes, it had been demolished after it started sinking into the mine which lay just six feet below us. Our new one storey building was considered safe.

Scotsman writing contest launched

THE Scotsman is to run Britain’s biggest and most lucrative open short story competition, it was announced last night.

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The Scotsman/Orange Communicator Awards: Second Runner-Up

When he first answered the call of the wild, former Scottish rugby captain Rob Wainwright didn't really know what he and his young family were letting themselves in for. Now three and a half years older and twenty years wiser, does he have any regrets? I asked the man himself whether his game plan to tackle the rigours of West coast farming life head on has proved a winner.

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