Scotsman Guide to Travel 3 - Trips of a lifetime

Scotsman Guide to Travel 3 - Trips of a lifetime

Mind the gap

WHETHER you choose to buy a round the world ticket, go island-hopping in Fiji, sheep farming in the Australian outback or teaching English in the Himalayas, there are endless ways to spend a year out.

Jungle Fever

SHE was small, dark-skinned and eager to please and handed me the blowpipe with a nervous smile. With practised ease I carefully extracted a wooden dart from a bamboo quiver, wrapped coconut hair strands around the end to fashion a primitive tail and popped it into the weapon.

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Paradise Island

IN THE unlikely event of an accident..." I can’t concentrate on the pilot’s safety procedure because he is not wearing shoes. It can be unnerving when a man who has your life in his hands feels so casual about it that he hasn’t bothered with footwear.

Perfect Pitch

REMEMBER the days when going to a football match meant finishing off the dregs of your pint at twenty to three on a Saturday afternoon, pulling your knitted scarf around your neck to stave off the February chill, then strolling down a cobbled lane to the ground stopping off only to oil your rattle? No me neither.

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