Scotsman guide to golf

Scotsman guide to golf

Open again after 117 years – the legendary golf course that time forgot

HIDDEN at the end of a single-track road in the Western Isles lies a little-known golf course dubbed the sport's "Holy Grail".

Corporate daze

AHH, the joys of golf. What could be better than a day’s play at an exquisite course with a few friendly folk and a professional on hand to help get you round? Welcome to the world of corporate golf, where business is meant to mix with pleasure to everyone’s mutual benefit. But beware, for under the oh-so-friendly set-up there lurks terror for the player out of their depth.

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Their cup runneth over

While the physical attributes of golf today, its rules and regulations, course length, clubs, balls, and so on, are not a million miles away from the game as it was in the immediate post-war years, the other aspects of the professional game have changed out of all recognition.

Holing out

6 Walter Hagen

Open Season

The old course

Oh, what a carry on

TAKE a cold, wet winter’s morning and a handful of miserable Americans, and the challenge is this: can you raise their spirits, raise the level of their game and keep your sanity intact? It’s not an enviable task, but for a caddie, it’s all in a day’s work.

Playing through

THE decades around the turn of the 20th century saw the rapid expansion in the building of golf courses and founding of clubs continue apace and with it the further internationalisation of the game.

Perfect pitch

12 Seve Ballesteros

Drive time

Royal Troon Golf Club

That swing thing

IF IT ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately it was very, very broke - my golf game, that is. So I took it down to the Scottish National Golf Centre at Drumoig to get it fixed. And actually it turned out that my golf game was even more broke than I thought it was. Playing off 18, hitting the fairways with what I thought was impressive regularity, I had been happy enough to just muddle along.

Thanks, it's just what I wanted

Exhibit A, your honour.

Golf finds its swing

In the first part of his history of the ‘stick and ball’ game, Iain Crawford traces its origins in colf, gowff and numerous other variations in both Scotland and the Netherlands, through to the first instituted club at Leith Links, the triumph of gutties over featheries, the inaugural Open in 1860, and on to the turn of the 20th century.

Twin set and pearls

It’s no surprise, given Scotland’s connection with golf, that so many of the world’s great championship courses are here.

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