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Ten most bizarre career moves by Scottish pop stars

YOU THINK you have had a strange career move or two? Check out these life-altering changes from some of Scotland's one-time pop stars.

Tull's Anderson in tune with his Scottish roots

IAN ANDERSON is never far from recalling his Scottish roots. Moments into his band’s set in Edinburgh he mentions his boyhood home less than a mile away - impressive for someone who has performed more than 2500 concerts in 40 countries.

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Munro embodies Scotland's music and culture

DONNIE Munro has proved that there is life after Runrig, even if his aim to sit in Parliament failed. The band’s former lead singer has continued his career as a solo artist, and is also an indefatigable worker for Gaelic language and culture.

Five forgotten classics

THERE are thousands of Scottish records which have sold by the shedloads. But there are a few which barely made it into CD reissue stage. Here are our five favourites.

The blagger's guide to Scottish composers

NOVELISTS, poets, artists, actors, musicians - you don’t have to work very hard to reel off a long list of famous creative Scots.

Up and coming in Scotland: Martin Smith

ALREADY, at the age of 32, Martin Smith has established himself as an accomplished film-maker whose career to date encompasses music videos, short films and documentaries such as a recent series commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4.

Plenty of character

MAYBE it was the sunglasses on a rainy day, but halfway through his cup of coffee a girl appeared at Angus MacInnes’s table and gave him a shiny stone. "It’s for you," she said, and he accepted the gift with the sensitivity of a man used to being approached by strangers.

Scots music's up and coming

FROM Simple Minds to Ivor Cutler, Scotland has always been a fertile breeding ground for new music. No-one is quite sure whether it is the long winters, the landscape or something we don't know about in the water, but making music is something we in Scotland can count ourselves as doing well. Here we profile four up-and-coming acts you might be about to hear more from.

The five best 'pretend' Scottish artists

ONE of Texas is English. As was one of the Cocteau Twins. Franz Ferdinand have some embarrassingly English roots. But of course we claim them as Scottish.

Wolfstone's border-crossing sound

SO WHAT'S hot in Spain? That’s easy – the weather, the beaches, the clubs, the food, the football, and … Celtic music? You better believe it.

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