Scotsman Business 250 (2004)

Scotsman Business 250 (2004)

Positive mood in spite of cost hikes

MANUFACTURING engineering in Scotland has seen a marked improvement in trading conditions in the last six months, with order books and output levels increasing.

Where the consumer is king

THE consumer business sector covers a broad range of industries but in Scotland there is particular representation from companies involved in food processing and retail, car dealerships and drinks.

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Mixed fortunes for property

‘MAY you live in interesting times" is an old Chinese curse. Well, cursed or not, the Scottish property scene is going through interesting times at present.

Cairn leads the way in home-grown oil growth

WITH oil and gas well represented in this year’s Scotsman 250, the sector continues to be extremely important, not only to the Scottish economy but also the UK.

Bank on financial services to fuel economic growth

FINANCIAL services are a pillar of wealth creation and employment in Scotland. For many years, the financial services industry has been identified with stability and quality, through well-managed financial institutions in all segments of the sector: banking, life and general insurance, asset management and so on.

Innovation is the key to growing tourism

TOURISM in Scotland is surging ahead, though we are operating in one of the most competitive and unforgiving industries in the world. Worth well over £4 billion a year in revenue to the Scottish economy and a significant strategic employer, the industry is essential to the future prosperity of the nation. It is here to stay and here to grow.

Media big guns in the front rank

THIS year, the Scotsman 250 results show a marked difference in the relative performance of the three sub-sectors that make up the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector, as it has done in previous years.

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