Scotsman Business 250 (2003)

Scotsman Business 250 (2003)

Property standing firm

THE boom in Scotland’s commercial property sector is in no danger of collapse, according to the experts. “This is not Armageddon,” said Stuart Peters, chief executive of Melford Developments.

Wood Group's future looks well-oiled

THIS has not been a glory year for Scotland’s oil and gas industry, but then neither has it been a particularly bad year. As Deloitte &Touche partner Graeme Sheils points out, several companies have improved their position on 2002 and those that have fallen have tended not to fall very far.

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Wheels still turning despite bumpy ride

TRAVEL, tourism and leisure one of Scotland’s most important and controversial economic sectors. The latter two activities tend to be dominated by small and medium-sized firms, meaning that it is the travel industry which dominates The Scotsman 250.

Hidden success story buried in back pages

PROPPING up the foot of he Scotsman 250 table, the uncomfortably lumpy Technology, Media and Communications (TMC) sector contains 13 companies, or 5.2 per cent by number of the list,but only contributes £2.6 million, or 3.3 per cent, to its value.

Businesses rise to the challenge

THE past year has posed some very severe challenges to businesses across all sectors, yet as the Scotsman 250 list shows, there have been excellent performances by companies up and down the scale.

Weathering the storm during turbulent times

THIS time last year, I spoke about the after effects September 11 and the subsequent economic slowdown which, along with the Iraq war and SARS, continues to impact on the world’s economic landscape.

Financial services come first

THE Scotsman 250 list is dominated by financial services companies. Although only seven companies feature in the list (just 2.8 per cent of the 250) their combined turnover of £36.13 billion amounts to a massive 47 per cent of the total turnover of all 250 companies.

Manufacturing remains vital to Scots' economy

THE days may be long gone when Scotland used to turn out ships and steam locomotives for half the world, but manufacturing remains a critical part of the country’s economy.

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