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Carrie, have you learned as much as us in the past four years?

SINCE the Sex and the City television series finished, I can't help but wonder, how is poor little Brady Brady faring?

Chic flicks

IF NEW York is the fifth character in Sex And The City, then fashion has got to be the sixth. Over the decades, fashion has played a part – supporting or leading – in any number of movies, from films set in the fashion world to films in which the characters, like the SATC quartet, demonstrate a healthy, if not obsessive, interest in matters sartorial. To celebrate fashion's leading role in Sex And The City: The Movie, we offer SW readers our guide to the best fashion flicks of all time.

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Sex and the city: The A-Z guide

THE wait is almost over – after four years, Sex And The City: The Movie hits the cinema screens next week. Time to take Emma Cowing's refresher course on the finer details

Agony aunt

Dear SW,

Pearls of wisdom for a first lady in waiting

THE success of Kate Moss's Topshop collection proved that there are lots of women who like the idea of looking and dressing like their fashion heroines. But where do you draw the line between wanting to take inspiration from a famous style icon and slavishly copying their look?

What's in your handbag? Elaine C Smith, comedian

I wish I could say my bag was Gucci or Burberry, as I love bags, but I change them on a daily basis, so to spend £800 plus on one bag is just too much. The bag I'm using at the moment is quite quirky and I love it. It was a Christmas present from my pal, the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini.

What I know about women: Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny, 33, is a nail technician

Emma Cowing's fitness diary: Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow…

SHE works me hard, the new personal trainer. She simply ignores it when I grumble, knowing full well that I'm just, well, grumbling, and she doesn't let me get away with anything ("I know you can do it! Five more!" and so on). This is intensely annoying, mainly because she's right.

The unkindest cut of all

A dramatic rise in the number of teenagers opting for breast implants is concerning both parents and the medical profession. EMMA COWING finds out what's behind the disturbing trend and asks whether it can be halted

Diabolical debate: Do you post an embarrasing picture of a friend on Facebook?

You have some great, flattering photographs of your recent birthday party that you're about to put up on Facebook, when you notice someone doing something extremely embarrassing in the background. You hardly know the person, but aware of how public social networking sites can be, do you choose not to put the pictures online or do you stick them up anyway, as "it's not your problem"?

A lesson in looking more ladylike

NAUGHTY, isn't it, how fashion strives to turn you into something you're not? Some women yearn for any excuse to dress up in everyday life as Cleopatra or a Romanov princess. They clearly crave a spot of fashion escapism, and are well-served by designers whose work is spun from historical fantasy. By contrast, other women remain steadfastly committed to whatever's bold and new, patronising any designer who offers a space odyssey into sci-fi futurism. And, of course, there's that

Home economics add up

As their campaign wins them friends in high places, STEPHEN JARDINE and his family are discovering that their Scots-only diet is helping them look after the pounds in more ways than one. The jury is still out, though, on the merits of kale

Woman of the week: Julia Roberts, actress

PERHAPS it was playing of a woman ten years her senior – the powerful socialite, political activist and businesswoman Joanne Herring in Charlie Wilson's War – but unlike many actresses, Julia Roberts, who turned 40 last year, is not only embracing the ageing process, she's celebrating it and crediting it with helping her to land dream roles.

Diabolical debate

Your friend is planning to leave her husband. You believe she's making a big mistake. Should you tell her what you think?

Woman of the week: Rachida Dati, French politician

RACHIDA Dati, France's glamorous justice minister, is this week campaigning for a council position in Paris and once again raising eyebrows among the city's conservative types.

What I know about women: Elliot Castro

&149 Castro was a teenage credit-card thief, who was caught in 2005 after a six-year fraud spree. After his release from jail in 2006 he vowed to turn his life around and became a freelance fraud prevention consultant. Now 25, he lives in Glasgow where he also works as a DJ.

Diabolical debate: She lied to get a school place – do you expose her?

&#149 You know of a woman who has used her sister's address to register her child for a particular school because their own home is just outside the catchment area. You live within the catchment area, but your child did not get into the school when you applied because by that time it was oversubscribed. Would you expose her?

Diabolical debate: Your friend's nanny is in the pub with her child… do you tell?

Your friend employs a nanny, at high cost, to care for her one-year-old child while she's at work, and boasts of the carer's excellent educational credentials and fondness for child-stimulating activities. Then, on a day off work, you see the nanny going into a high-street pub with a group of friends mid-afternoon, with the baby in her care. Do you call your friend right then to tell her what's happening?

Diabolical debate

Do you speak up if you think your mother is being conned out of heirlooms by a family member?

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