Scots in Canada

Scots in Canada

Scots who left for Canada in Clearances to be honoured

IN SCOTLAND they were emigrants, victims of the Highland Clearances who left to find a new life across the Atlantic. In Canada, they were settlers, early residents who established colonies that are part of the country's heritage.

Holyrood pays tribute to Scots pioneers in Canada

SCOTS links with Quebec, dating back nearly 250 years, are celebrated in a historical exhibition at the Scottish Parliament from today.

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Nova Scotia

BEFORE 1971, Canadians of Scottish descent were listed as a category separate from "British". In the 1960s they were the third largest ethnic group in the country (after the English and French) and have formed a distinctive cultural group in Canada since the 17th century. Not only did the Scots prove influential in the settlement and growth of Canada, they assumed roles of leadership and power - Scots were attracted to the open avenues of participation in political life denied to them at home.

A piping Mecca in British Columbia

WHEN Simon Fraser set out in 1808 to explore what is now the Fraser River in British Columbia (BC), some might imagine the sound of bagpipes helping him on his rough and dangerous way.

Building a Scottish home away from home

IF CRAIGFLOWER Manor could talk, the 150-year-old stately house would take visitors on a journey through time to when this area on Vancouver Island was farm land worked by settlers, Scotsmen in kilts, with not a traffic light or fast-food drive-up in sight. Not much has changed here from the days when Kenneth McKenzie, his wife and their nine children filled the rooms with chatter and song.

Scots family drama set in a Canadian castle

IT WAS a long sail from Scotland to western Canada when the Dunsmuir family made the journey in 1851.

Tommy Douglas: Hero of the common Canadian

TOMMY Douglas is considered by many to be the greatest Canadian of all time.

McConnell on education and cultural mission

JACK McConnell today formally opened the new headquarters of the University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute (UHIMI) in Inverness.

BC's strong cultural links to Scotland

IMMIGRATING to a new country can often provide challenges or barriers when it comes to retaining and experiencing one's own culture. But when it comes to a handful of Scots who now make their home in British Columbia the opposite proves true.

Sounding a Scottish note in British Columbia

SCOTTISH explorers and entrepreneurs made an indelible impression in the New World in the 18th and 19th century and nowhere more so than in Canada. Wherever they went, the Scots – and the Irish - took their music with them.

Selling Canada's virtues through sport

THERE has been much talk recently of the Scottish Executive's desire to attract "Fresh Talent" to Scotland.

A harrowing voyage to Canada for early Scots

SPIRITS were already low when they ran into the gale off Newfoundland. The frail wooden ship struggled against the high winds and breaking Atlantic surf. For 14 days the passengers were rocked and shaken right back to where they had started - no nearer their destination and beginning to sicken.

Brooches for barter

ANGUS Mackintosh, an agent working for Canada fur traders Mactavish, Frobisher & Co, placed an order with Robert Cruickshank, a Montreal silversmith. In the order, dated 19 May 1800, Mackintosh sought a massive cache of jewellery, including 23,000 silver brooches of various sizes.

Kilts: tightly woven into Scots culture

FEW COUNTRIES around the world have a garment as closely associated with its national origin as Scotland and the kilt. For several centuries, the kilt has evolved to become a symbol of Scottish pride and identity, a piece of clothing strongly associated with the country’s historic past and colourful culture.

Ontario's tartan ambassador

TORONTO – The life-size poster of Mel Gibson as William Wallace in Braveheart that greets visitors to the Ontario parliamentarian's office is the first clue that something fiercely Scottish is afoot.

A proud military tradition

ALL NATIONS have symbols of their identity but few have such a rich collection as Scotland. Tartan, bagpipes, Highland dress, the thistle, the Saltire - all are instantly recognisable the world over as standing for Scotland.

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