Scots in Australia

Scots in Australia

Scotland's musical links to Australia

Advance Australia Fair

Many cultures, a single piping passion

LINDSAY Kawai wears her Scottish heritage proudly. Adorned in a smart-looking red and black tartan with sporran, she is easy to spot among the thousands of tourists on the Royal Mile. Kawai and 14 of her extended family are in Edinburgh amidst a frenetic tour of her native land.

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From Scots miner to Australian Prime Minister

IF MEMBERS of the Australian Cabinet had had their way in the early part of last century, the country's capital would not have been called Canberra. Instead they wanted to name it Fisher - after a Scotsman who went to work in the Ayrshire mines as a child.

Australia's military hero - a true Scot

IN THE early 1900’s Australia was a fledgling nation with no real sense of identity. She won her place on the international stage by sending troops to fight and die in the First World War.

Home to roost

IN A KEYNOTE speech last year the First Minister highlighted his desire for the Scottish diaspora to come home. But what are the realities for expatriate Scots when they return and how does present-day Scotland measure up to life abroad?

A proud military tradition

ALL NATIONS have symbols of their identity but few have such a rich collection as Scotland. Tartan, bagpipes, Highland dress, the thistle, the Saltire - all are instantly recognisable the world over as standing for Scotland.

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