Scotland's Power 100 2006

Scotland's Power 100 2006

Power 100: 41 to 50

41 Timothy O'Shea

Power 100: 61 to 70

61 Alison Watt

More top stories

Power 100: 31 to 40

31 Sir Ian Wood

The power to make a difference

There are two ways of measuring power and influence in Scotland. One is by simply using the range of a company's activities or the size of an institution to calculate its impact, and nominating whoever runs it. The other is more subtle - to gauge the contribution made by individuals to the culture and well-being of the nation. We have used both methods.

Power 100: 51 to 60

51 Rachel McEwan

Power 100: 91 to 100

91 Alex Callander

Power 100: 71 to 80

71 Peter Pearson

Gone but not forgotten

THIS year's Power List has many new entries, and for each one, another must drop out. Here is a sample of those we have lost.

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