Scotland's population

Scotland's population

Scotland goes back in time as population soars

SCOTLAND'S population is on course to reach its highest level ever, with new figures showing that the country now has more than 5.22 million inhabitants - the largest number since 1977.

Quarter of Scots will be aged over 65 by the year 2033

FEARS have been raised over whether Scotland can continue to afford to pay for universal benefits and increasing health care demands after official projections revealed the country's population is set to age dramatically over the next 20 years.

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Population doubles on island that offers a simple and safe way of life

IT IS on the same latitude as the Central Siberian plateau, enjoys its regular share of strong winds and has scarce local amenities.

Population at 30-year high in Scotland

SCOTLAND'S population has reached its highest level in a generation, largely due to high numbers of economic migrants looking for work despite the recession.

Population will race to record high in three years

SCOTLAND'S population will hit a record high within three years, according to the latest predictions. By 2012, the population will exceed the current record of 5.25 million in 1974.

Sir Tom debates older population

SIR Tom Farmer was to open a discussion at the Scottish Parliament about how our ageing population can give Scotland a competitive advantage.

Scotland's population rises to highest level in three decades

SCOTLAND'S population has risen to its highest for 28 years, figures showed today.

Biggest surge in Scots population since days of post-war baby boom

SCOTLAND has seen its biggest population increase since the "baby boom" created by demobbed soldiers returning from the Second World War, figures yesterday revealed.

Scotland's population soars

THE population increase in Scotland last year was the biggest since the post-war "baby boom", new figures revealed today.

Baby boom helps boost Scotland's population

JACK McConnell, the former first minister, warned in 2004 that Scotland was facing a demographic time-bomb and its population was set to drop below five million.

Migrants defuse timebomb for Scots population

SCOTLAND'S population has now risen to its highest level for a quarter of a century, defying predictions that it would plunge below five million.

Drive to bring home Scots set to net country £40 million

A YEAR-LONG drive to attract "affinity Scots" to the country in 2009 is forecast to deliver a £40 million boost to the economy.

Glasgow the big loser in new electoral map

A REDRAFTING of Scotland's electoral map to take account of a population shift from cities to commuter belts has been unveiled.

Scotland's growing pains as population rise creates great divide

VAST differences are set to emerge in patterns of population across Scotland over the next 25 years, according to the latest demographic forecasts.

Scotland's growth has downside too

THE population of Scotland will grow by a quarter of a million over the next 25 years, according to the latest figures from the Registrar General. This is definitive proof that the key demographic trend in Scotland has changed direction.

Population and climate change put Scotland in a Catch-22

JOSEPH Heller's classic novel Catch-22 features Yossarian, a pilot desperate to avoid flying the bombing missions he knows to be putting his life in extreme danger. A paradox, the Catch-22 of the title, says pilots can only be exempted from duty if they are crazy. But not wanting to fly is a rational response to the danger, so asking to be grounded proves their sanity. There is no way out. They have to keep flying.

Britain's population will soar to 75 million by 2051

THE number of people living in the UK is likely to exceed 75 million by the middle of this century, a population expert said yesterday.

What's your income? New questions planned for next national census

THE next national census may include a question on income and more detailed questions over ethnicity, it emerged yesterday.

Population to reach 9.2bn in 2050 as humanity ages

THE Earth's population will reach 9.2 billion in 2050, with nearly three times as many people over the age of 60 and virtually all growth in the developing world, the UN Population Division has said in its latest report.

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