Scotland's national anthem

Scotland's national anthem

Flower Of Scotland is athletes' medal pick

IT WAS penned to celebrate the nation's greatest military victory. Now Flower Of Scotland, the song that honours the heroes of Bannockburn, will mark our sporting triumphs too.

Scotland fans: The second goal was very disappointing'

Frazer Henderson, Hawkhill: "I felt that Scotland should have done better. It was a very disappointing result and performance, however completely expected if the truth be told. After a very promising opening twenty minutes where I felt we were the better side and the Dutch seemed to be off their game there was an obvious change in tactics from the manager resulting in the Scotland team sitting off our hosts and allowing them to start spraying the passes.

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Runrig's Loch Lomond 'Scotland's greatest song'

RUNRIG'S version of Loch Lomond has been voted Scotland's greatest song, it was revealed today.

More answers than questions as Scottish Cabinet drops in on Inverness

"THIS is the most important city in Scotland," Alex Salmond told his audience in Inverness yesterday.

Scots choose Flower Of Scotland as national anthem

'FLOWER Of Scotland' has been chosen as the favourite to be the Scottish national anthem after the results of a poll were announced last night by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Mongolia Scots cast their votes in contest to choose a national song

VOTERS from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean have joined a contest to choose a national anthem for Scotland.

Edinburgh concert-goers to audition national anthem

Edinburgh concert-goers are to be given the chance to choose the song they would like as the Scottish national anthem.

Concert buffs get chance to pick anthem

EDINBURGH concert-goers are to be given the chance to choose the song they would most like to see become the Scottish National anthem.

RSNO sounds out a song for Scotland

THE Royal Scottish National Orchestra has taken up Jack McConnell's call to debate a future national anthem for Scotland after the Scottish Parliament rejected the First Minister's idea.

Anthem: MSPs leave decision to the people

CALLS for MSPs to lead a debate on a new national anthem for Scotland were rejected yesterday in favour of an "organic decision" made by the people singing in the sports stands.

Holyrood to hold national anthem talks

A HOLYROOD committee was today due to consider calls for a public debate on the national anthem.

Call for Scottish anthem debate

A HOLYROOD committee was today considering calls for a public debate on the national anthem.

Time to think again over an anthem for Scotland

JACK McConnell yesterday called for a debate on Scotland's national anthem, suggesting that a new song might have to be written because none of the current ones was good enough.

Eurovision way to pick Scots anthem

A NEW Scottish national anthem? Do not sneer and tell our politicians to spend more time on matters of major concern. With an Arts Commission already up, if not exactly running, this is a matter that can keep its members occupied and divert their attention from taking away our power to enjoy ourselves in whatever way we wish.

Executive to study call for new anthem

THE campaign to find a new national anthem for Scotland took a significant step forward yesterday, when MSPs referred the matter to the Executive.

An anthem for who we are

FEW subjects have generated more response from readers than our campaign for a new national anthem.

MSP calls for public to choose national anthem

SCOTLAND should have its own national anthem chosen by the public, MSPs were expected to hear today.

Seven sing out for Scotland

THE Scotsman’s campaign to select an official national anthem for Scotland is gaining momentum and attracting interest among a variety of key players - from politicians and academics to leading lights in arts and culture.

Greens urge Scots to pick new anthem

THE Scottish nation was urged yesterday to get involved in The Scotsman’s campaign for a new national anthem.

Campaign for Scotland's own national anthem stepped up

MOVES by The Scotsman to give Scotland a national anthem of its own will be stepped up today with the support of politicians, writers and broadcasters.

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