Scotland's most powerful

Scotland's most powerful

Chief architect of smoke ban lights up the power list

THE leader of a pressure group which helped deliver the smoking ban north of the Border is today named as the most influential woman in Scotland during the past year.

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Scotland's top 50 powerful women

THEY REPRESENT many walks of life, come from every background and range in age from late eighties to mid-thirties. From Lorraine Kelly - "Oprah North" - to Anna Gregor - battling to improve Scotland’s cancer services - the names on our list represent the 50 women who are doing most to shape Scotland’s future. Whether Scots by birth or adoption, they share a burning desire to succeed, a willingness to use their talents for the greater good and a commitment to putting Scotland on the map.

Scotland's most powerful 81 to 90

81 Andrew Flanagan (Down from 42)

These we have lost...

This year’s Power List has 28 new entries, and for every one there is someone who has had to make way. Here are just some of the drop-outs.

Scotland's most powerful 91 to 100

91 Philip Howard (Down from 89)

Scotland's most powerful 71 to 80

71 Alf Young (Down from 44)

Scotland's most powerful 31 to 40

31 Sir Alan Langlands (Down from 17)

Scotland's most powerful 21 to 30

21 Andrew Goudie (Down from 15)

Scotland's most powerful 11 to 20

11 Brian McMaster (Up from 16)

Scotland's most powerful

Ready for a lesson in power? An exclusive Scotland on Sunday panel has identified the top 100 men and women who influence the way we live, be it through art or science, business or finance.

Scotland's most powerful 51 to 60

51 Donald Macdonald (Down from 47)

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