Scotland's economy

Scotland's economy

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Scottish Business Briefing – January 4th 2011

WELCOME to’s Scottish Business Briefing. Every morning we bring you a comprehensive round-up of all news affecting business in Scotland today.

Coalition ‘off target’ on immigration cut

DAVID Cameron’s promise to slash net migration to the UK by “tens of thousands” is set to be broken despite new curbs, according to research from a leading think-tank.


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City linking is the thinking behind beating cash woes

SCOTLAND’S six cities are to work together in a new drive to attract investment and beat the recession.

Alex Salmond refutes Labour’s ‘MacMince’ jibe over economy

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond today insisted his Government was taking “real action to help real people” in the face of rising unemployment, despite claims from Labour that the SNP’s economic plan was “MacMince”.


Scottish jobless total rises by 5,000

THE number of Scots who are out of work has risen to 215,000, new figures revealed today.


Scottish Hydro boss brings good news on energy bills

AN energy boss has offered hard-pressed Scottish consumers hope that any rise in next year’s bills will be kept to a minimum.

Scotland ‘unlikely to avoid recession’ amid Eurozone crisis, expert warns

THE crisis in the Eurozone makes it “less and less likely” that Scotland will manage to avoid another recession, an economic expert warned today.

On the scrapheap at 18 as unemployment soars

YOUTH unemployment has soared across Scotland with the number of 18- to 24-year-olds claiming jobseekers’ allowance doubling in half of local authorities, new figures have revealed.

Three-point strategy to speed up recovery

SCOTLAND’S fragile economic recovery has “stalled” and the governments north and south of the Border need to focus on exports, housing and transport to revive its fortunes, business leaders will today claim.

Scottish firms going under at a record rate as economic recovery stutters

SCOTTISH companies are going bust at a record rate, with more than 24 businesses going to the wall each week due to a lack of bank lending and stricter enforcement by the taxman.

Manufacturing sector continues to struggle

Britain’s manufacturing sector shrank for the third month in a row in August, according to official figures, adding to fears of a double-dip recession.

Easing fear of inflation sparked QE says Miles

THE Bank of England’s monetary policy committee took the decision to inject a further £75 billion into the economy because it felt inflationary pressures had eased, it was said yesterday.

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Exports fail to provide ‘rebalancing’ for troubled UK economy

A REBALANCING of Britain’s economy towards manufacturing and exports “is not happening”, business leaders said today.

‘Good houses, good locations will sell’ in autumn boost

The embattled Scottish housing market enjoyed an unexpected boost in September from sellers hoping to move home in the autumn, according to a new report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).

Mixed picture for Scotland with confidence still fragile

STORM clouds are gathering for Scotland’s private sector economy, with a rash of surveys published this morning reporting a drop in business confidence and a fall in orders for the key services sector.

Low hopes cut profit warnings

LOW expectations from Britain’s listed companies meant the number of profit warnings on the stock exchange dropped significantly in the third quarter of the year.

Services growth fails to dent expectations of QE injection

Britain’s key service sector posted a surprise improvement yesterday but the markets remain on alert as Bank of England policymakers decide today on whether to inject more money into the fragile economy.

Families ‘face Third World winter’ after fuel bills jump 21%

Britain is on the brink of an affordability crisis over energy bills, after an average 21 per cent rise in prices over the past year.

Supermarket tax branded thin end of the wedge by business leaders

A CONTROVERSIAL £110  million health levy on supermarkets and other big retailers has “opened the door” to further tax hikes on smaller firms, business leaders have warned.

More gloomy news on economy, but Treasury won’t change course

Double-dip recession fears continued to stalk the UK, after more grim updates showed an economy stagnating and consumers shorn of confidence.

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