Scotland Food & Drink Guides

Scotland Food & Drink Guides

Can organic food really be better for us?

IT'S pricier than conventional food, goes off sooner and with its imperfect dimples and bulges can look downright bizarre on our supermarket shelves.

Interview: Maureen McKenna, Taste of Arran development manager

THERE are days when Maureen McKenna returns home after a hard day tasting ice-cream and finds herself having to lie to her children about what she's been up to.

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Interview: Phoebe Weller, cheese expert

"Hello cheese-o-philes!" says 28- year-old Phoebe Weller, to me and the rest of her group of 15 fromage-loving students, as we sit around a farmhouse table in Glasgow's Big Mouth Coffee Bar and Cafe.

Grazing habits

WE WORK, we eat, we play then sleep – well, that's the general idea anyway. But the lines have become somewhat blurred between our working and social lives, and that has led to something of a revolution in the way we eat.

Consuming history

IT'S ALL rather sad really. Scotland's wonderfully rich history - in terms of tourism at least – appears determined to remain eternally stuck in a tartan-clad nightmare. There are so many historic venues around Scotland that cater to this fad crisis of tradition and culture, and encouraging these contemporary makeovers - complete with looped bagpipe music and resplendent souvenir shops - only serves to fuel a general disdain for how our history is represented to the rest of the world.

In pursuit of the pie

ALTHOUGH it might not be the healthiest option for a meal or snack, the humble pie and all its variants remain popular in Britain.

Breakfast time

AS ONE of the day's most important meals, breakfast is in danger of slipping down the chain of dietary importance to the point of becoming redundant.

Late night eats

THERE are few situations more soul destroying than searching in vain for a decent place to eat after 10pm. An attack of the munchies can force even the most rational of culinary stalwarts to undertake desperate - and often futile trips - in the search for sustenance.

Pub-lic service announcement

FINDING a good pub in Scotland can't be that hard, surely?

Cheap really can mean cheerful

EATING out can be an expensive proposition - but it doesn't have to be. There are a multitude of good restaurants, bars, cafes and exotic chain outlets across Scotland where you can find a great meal for around a tenner, and you don't have to give up on quality in the process.

A plaice by the sea

IT'S HARDLY surprising that Scots have such an affinity for seafood. We are surrounded by some of the world's best fishing waters – albeit rather less well-stocked than they were in Scottish fishing's glory days – but still offering a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and shellfish.

A deli-cious taste of Scotland

THE SPECIALIST delicatessen market is flourishing across Scotland as we change our attitudes towards food, eating habits and customer service.

Drink up

AFTER another hard day at the office or in the pursuit of a Saturday night jaunt, many of us frequent one of the many drinking establishments in Scotland. Indeed, having that quiet pint or partying the night away with the help of a little Dutch courage is an indelible part of Scottish culture.

Ten of the best

CHOOSING a place to eat for a special occasion can be a logistical - as well as a gastronomic - minefield.

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