'Scotland at work' supplement February 200

'Scotland at work' supplement February 200

Next, the gurus and superkids

Edinburgh, 2020. The worker’s Utopia has arrived. Not, as Karl Marx anticipated, through the creation of a beneficent classless society, but through the six-hour day, double pay and a single sheet of digital paper to replace the blizzard of files and reports.

So we’re all equal are we?

Working women have never had it so good: more than 30 years of equal pay rights, 26 years of anti-sex discrimination legislation, and maternity benefits finally set to improve. A misogynist might rant that women now really have got their fair share of the cake and are gulping it down. But they would be wrong.

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Only the savvy survive

The loyal worker is out. Say hello to the "career mercenary". In today’s job market only the savviest survive. The days when a keen employee received a gold watch for time served have long ticked past.


If you’re going to move forward you don’t need fear, you need confidence. So runs the mantra of Dawn Breslin, the founding director of Zest, an Edinburgh-based motivational and personal development company. Breslin has just launched an inspirational workshop called The Power of Personality, which aims to teach clients how to eliminate self-doubt, giving them a chance to reach their goals.

Getting it right on first sight

FIRST impressions are crucial - everyone looks for something to like when meeting a stranger so you must give a good impression which will be backed up by what you say. An appearance that isn’t right will detract attention from what you’re saying.

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