Scotland assured

Scotland assured

One good reason to delay retirement

ADDITIONAL Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) will be familiar to a lot of people saving for their retirement.

Scotland assured: Introduction

SCOTTISH Life offices have a justifiably proud heritage of probity, vision and resourcefulness, and it is these characteristics that are now required more than ever by an industry experiencing unprecedented change.

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Modern times require modern methods

The entire financial services sector is going through a period of massive change. The introduction of stakeholder Pensions has forced would-be providers to modernise their systems. The arrival of the Internet and online services has created new business opportunities with the need for new infrastructure. However, there is only so much that companies can take on using in-house resources before the constraints in their internal capabilities end up being a barrier to progress.

Throwing the cards in the air

The current plethora of proposed changes to regulation and consideration of the practices of the insurance and investment industry may earn 2002 the accolade of being the year of the review.

Players jockey for position

The recent warning by Financial Services Authority chairman Sir Howard Davies to life and general insurance companies to strengthen their capital base to avoid future business collapses has hit home.

Nurturing and protecting - life sector training

IT IS no surprise that Standard Life and Scottish Widows are leading the way in a current programme designed to bring on the next generation of business-minded young individuals.

Retirement options: Product confusion

There is something of a rule about government interventions in markets which says that all attempts to simplify things inevitably lead to more and more complexity.

A history of life as we know it

At one time Scotland had nine long-established life assurance offices but they have been picked off one by one in a constantly changing financial services sector and now only one - the mighty Standard Life - can claim to be truly independent, although there has been one attempt at ridding it of its mutual status and there is always the threat of another.

Impact of the euro

The change in currency may have affected over 500 million people - with a dozen first wave countries now using the euro - but it has not changed the fact that life and pensions products continue to form the bedrock of everyone’s lives.

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