Schools Guide 2008

Schools Guide 2008

School of excellence: Clifton Hall/St Serf's

PERHAPS one of the biggest events in the independent sector this year is the merger of St Serf's School in Edinburgh with Clifton Hall.

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School of excellence: St George's School

THE young women of Edinburgh's St George's School for Girls know the world. There are few countries, if any, that have not been explored by former pupils or have not been the subject of school exchanges for current pupils.

School of excellence: St Aloysius' College

ST ALOYSIUS' College marks 150 years at the heart of Glasgow in 2009 but its Jesuit foundations are as fresh today as ever. The co-ed Catholic school instils values such as dignity of the human, good conscience, compassion, and putting skills and talents to work for the benefit of others. This has given St Aloysius' its best year yet for charitable fundraising with some £200,000 collected.

Thou shalt not hand in sub-standard science projects....thou shalt prove Bigfoot is real

Independent schools are just as much of an education for harassed parents as their children, writes a bruised KATE MILLER

Independent sector holds firm in face of economic worries and regulation

Spectre of OSCR and fear of financial downturn loom, but schools in good shape, argues FRANK GERSTENBERG

School of excellence: Kilgraston School

ACCORDING to its principal, the key goal of Kilgraston is to build a future community. The independent girls' boarding school is perhaps more remote than many single-sex institutions, but Michael Farmer says it lends itself to a more relaxed environment where the focus is on people – both pupils and the adults who interact with them, whether it be full-time teachers or special guests with important lessons to share.

School of excellence: Hamilton College

HAMILTON College plans to celebrate its silver jubilee this year with a gold standard of Christian education.

School of excellence: Fettes College

SOMETIMES traditions need to be broken – and Fettes College in Edinburgh did just that this year with its newest boarding house.

School of excellence: Albyn School

THIS year's S1 girls at Albyn School in Aberdeen will be the last single sex group to graduate from the institution in a few years time.

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