Salt Lake City 2002

Salt Lake City 2002

Olympics on trial with Salt Lake bidders

IT IS a tale of strippers, gourmet meals, cash handouts and one city’s desperate attempt to win the right to stage the Winter Olympics.

Games pair to face trial

A UNITED STATES judge has ordered two former Olympic executives to stand trial on charges of using more than $1million in bribes to lure the 2002 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City.

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Outrage over Olympic skating vote scandal

MOSCOW has reacted with fury to the arrest by Italian police of a Russian tycoon accused of fixing ice skating events at the Salt Lake City winter Olympics.

Arrest over Games fixing

ITALIAN police have arrested a Russian man in connection with the attempted fixing of ice skating results at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in February.

Russian mafia man accused of Olympic ice skating fix

AN ALLEGED Russian crime boss was arrested in Italy yesterday on US charges that he tried to fix the figure skating pairs and ice dancing events at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Judge tells of gold plot

THE French judge at the centre of the Salt Lake City figure skating scandal promised to support the Russian pair three months before the Olympics.

Baxter takes his appeal to court

ALAIN Baxter launched the most important step in his bid to clear his name yesterday when he appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against the decision to strip him of the Olympic bronze medal he won in slalom at Salt Lake City.

Fightback sees curling title head to Perth

SCOTLAND’s newly-crowned curling champions have revealed that they were so unhappy with their form last week that they packed their bags twice in anticipation of an early return home to Perth.

A twist to the curling story

HOW piquant that Rhona Martin’s Utah Olympic gold medal-winning team should lose out in the Scottish championship decider at Braehead Arena yesterday.

What a difference 18 days makes

THEY took on the might of Canada, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland as 5.7 million tuned in to watch the women’s curling team secure the first British Winter Olympic gold for 18 years.

Olympic medal winners brush off approach from lingerie firm

SCOTLAND’S Olympic curling champions have rejected a lucrative sponsorship deal which could have brought them thousands of pounds each.

Baxter brushes fame aside

ALL Alain Baxter needed to do in his second slalom run at Salt Lake City was expel all doubts from his mind and stay strong and upright. Before him was a tortuously-demanding course that had halted several of the seven men who had gone before him, and which had the dreadful capacity to dismantle the dreams of the other medal hopefuls who came after him.

Team feud wrecked our medal hopes, says McMillan

HAMMY McMillan has claimed that a mutiny by his team-mates and the national curling coach forced him out of the Great Britain side and ruined their chances of a medal at the Winter Olympic Games.

Highlander lives forever in folklore of Aviemore

THEY live in the shadow of mountains, but bathe in the light of reflected glory. Welcome then to Strathspey in winter and a night that won’t ever belong to history as it will linger forever on the lips of locals. Even the majestic slopes appeared to sweep down from the heavens to a point right outside the front door of the historic Cairngorm Hotel and where there is more noise than you can imagine coming from the heaving mass of humanity that has gathered outside its front step.

TOM LAPPIN: On thin Spanish ice after adopting dodgy German

YES I know the tremors are still shaking curling rinks from Inverness to Inveraray, but the Winter Olympics still seem like sport’s equivalent of a comedy festival. Every four years, it allows us the opportunity to snigger at other nations’ idea of what constitutes legitimate sporting endeavour.

Baxter receives a hero's welcome

THEY drank Baxter cocktails and Bronze burgers in his honour. They lined the streets, waved and cheered and generally enjoyed the biggest party Aviemore has ever seen.

Britain worth dyeing for, says Baxter

BACK in 1988, when Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards was representing Britain at the Calgary Winter Olympics, Alain Baxter was not too interested in all the hyperbole. Even then, in his mid-teens, he took his sport very seriously, and was not overly impressed by Edwards’ tomfoolery.

Glasgow firm goes for gold with curling title

A GLASGOW-BASED computer games developer is set to cash in on the UK’s new found obsession with curling, after releasing an official title based on the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

McConnell basking in reflected glory

AS SCOTLAND’S Olympic gold medallists returned triumphant last night, Jack McConnell continued his new-found fascination with curling by saying he wanted to develop a winter sports initiative in an effort to boost tourism.

Making a mint out of medals

It gave Britain its first Winter Olympics gold medal for 18 years, broke the midnight viewing record for UK television, and saw the sport of curling described as the new sex. But is the gong which five Scottish women brought back to Scotland last night worth its weight in gold?

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