SA rugby racism row

SA rugby racism row

Springboks' future looks black as race rows hit Mr White

THERE were a few short hours of grace in which black and white united to celebrate South Africa's victory in the Rugby World Cup, but it did not take long for the complex racial politics of this still-divided land to re-emerge.

Rainbow nation searches for full spectrum

WHEN the Springboks run out on to the Murrayfield pitch this afternoon to face Scotland, the selection of the 15 players who represent South Africa can be traced back to an incident before last year’s World Cup.

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SARFU keeps its racism investigation in house

SOUTH Africa’s new rugby chiefs have cancelled an independent inquiry into alleged racism within the Springboks team.

Perhaps the game needs a good kicking

IN THE seventies, when I was in South Africa covering golf, the late Dr Danie Craven invited me to Stellenbosch University. The fabled Springbok believed devoutly that tries were rugby’s true coinage and I can hear as yesterday his parting words: "Posterity will laugh at us for the way we have allowed the penalty goal to dominate so many games."

South Africa tries to gloss over racism slur

SOUTH Africa’s government has urged its citizens to support the national rugby team despite recent allegations of racism within the Springbok squad.

Resignation fans flames in inquiry over racism

ONE of two black members of judge Edwin King’s investigation into allegations of rugby racism in South Africa has resigned in protest at the postponement of the inquiry.

Mandela told to stay away

NELSON Mandela has been asked to stay out of the race row that has engulfed Springboks rugby for the past two weeks, his office said yesterday.

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