Rwandan opposition leader's jailing 'politically motivated'

RWANDA'S High Court has sentenced an opposition leader to four years in prison and fined three other opposition figures in a trial that an international human rights body said was politically motivated.

Man who saved 1,200 from genocide implicated in Rwanda terrorist case

Paul Rusesabagina, the man who saved more than 1,200 people from genocide in events depicted in the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda, has been implicated in the terrorism case against a Rwandan opposition leader.

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Rwandan rebel seized in Paris over war crimes

A RWANDAN rebel accused of orchestrating a humanitarian catastrophe against Congolese villagers in a blackmail scheme to leverage more political power for his group in Kigali was arrested in Paris yesterday, the International Criminal Court said.

Rwanda is linked to genocide in UN Congo report

ON 14 November, 1996, armed men surrounded the Mugunga refugee camp in eastern Zaire and began shooting at its inhabitants as they huddled for cover or tried to flee.

Plan to slash global poverty 'is achievable in next 5 years'

Ten years after world leaders set the most ambitious goals ever to tackle global poverty, they gathered again yesterday to spur action to meet the deadline - which the United Nations claims will be difficult, if not impossible, in some cases.

Rwanda talks

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon met Rwanda's president Paul Kagame yesterday after he threatened to withdraw peacekeepers if the UN publishes a report accusing his army of genocide.

Rwandan anger at genocide claim threatens UN missions

Rwanda is considering pulling out all its troops from United Nations peacekeeping missions, starting with Darfur, after a leaked draft UN report said Rwandan troops may have committed genocide in Congo.

Rwanda dismisses UN report on killings

A DRAFT UN report says the Rwandan army that ended the 1994 slaughter of more than 500,000 people retaliated with barbaric killings in Congo two years later that also could be classified as a genocide.

'Coronation' in Rwanda as president gets 93% of vote

Rwandan president Paul Kagame danced his way towards a second seven-year term yesterday after preliminary results gave the bush war veteran 93 per cent of the vote in more than one third of country's districts.

Top Rwandan politician is found dead

Rwandan police yesterday said an opposition leader who has been missing for a day has been found dead near the border with Burundi.

Journalist held after Hitler jibe

RWANDAN police have arrested a journalist for comparing president Paul Kagame with Adolf Hitler.

Lawyer charged with denying Rwanda genocide

A JUDGE has charged a US lawyer with denying Rwanda's 1994 genocide and publishing articles that threaten the country's security.

Team to monitor Rwanda election

THE Commonwealth will send a monitoring team to Rwanda's August presidential election in which incumbent Paul Kagame is likely to seek a second seven-year term.

Britain must admit its mistakes if lessons are to be learned from Rwanda

FROM within the boundaries of this island, you might think that Britain's international reputation was currently such that no-one would want to come near us.

Rwanda accepted into Commonwealth only 15 years after genocide

THE UK Government yesterday welcomed Rwanda as the newest member of the Commonwealth.

Bulldozer massacre accused faces Rwanda tribunal

A RWANDAN businessman went on trial yesterday for allegedly ordering bulldozers to demolish a church where 2,000 Tutsis had sought shelter, and watching as they were crushed or hunted down by armed gangs.

'Colonel of the apocalypse' brought to justice

IN THE early months of 1994, as Nelson Mandela was being elected South Africa's first black president, General Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian head of a 2,500-strong United Nations peacekeeping mission in Rwanda, was sending endless messages to New York and Washington saying that mass killing loomed.

Deadly neighbours creep back to war

THERE is a general rule in Africa: behind any rebellion with legs is usually a meddling neighbour.

Rough justice in the shadow of genocide

AS RUMBLING thunder shakes the window panes of an ad hoc courtroom, Judge Immanuel Ngiruwera prods a defendant to confess to committing crimes of genocide.

Rwandan doctor accused of organising genocide

A RWANDAN doctor granted British citizenship is accused of being a key organiser in the 1994 genocide in which ethnic Tutsis were slaughtered in their thousands, a court heard yesterday.

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