Royal Mile

Royal Mile

Republicans in clashes over royals in Edinburgh

There were clashes between republican and protesters and monarchists on the Royal Mile.

'Tartan tat' shop facing council probe for having too many signs

TARTAN tat kings the Gold Brothers are facing a council investigation - for having too many signs on one of their shops.

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Rivals' new beef with Gold Brothers over burger bar deal

ROYAL Mile souvenir shop kings the Gold Brothers have snapped up another prime property after buying the lease of a burger restaurant.

Walk of Fame plan laid out for Royal Mile

EDINBURGH'S Royal Mile could become a Hollywood-style "Walk of Fame" with plaques honouring Scotland's cultural greats, according to an SNP backbencher.

'Noddy train' plan for Royal Mile

IT might just turn out to be the quickest way of getting around the city centre if Edinburgh's traffic woes continue.

Why is Scottish theatre star Cora Bissett spending New Year's Day hanging from a crane on the Royal Mile?

Here, she explains how she ended up starring in Edinburgh's Feet First extravaganza.

Police seize tartan tat in raids

POLICE have helped seize "tartan tat" and advertisements from shops on the Royal Mile to help de-clutter the famous street.

Enlightening sight as Adam Smith statue finally arrives

IT was a long time coming, but the world's first public monument to pioneering Scots economist Adam Smith has gone on show in the Capital – more than 200 years after his death.

Gold Bros stopped from selling Queen's tartan

A CHAIN of tourist gift shops was today banned from selling the tartan worn by the Queen at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Adam Smith recruited to city's army of statues

FOR a man regarded as a giant of political thinking, his arrival could have been deemed a little undignified.

Busker regulation would solve High Street's piper problems

Other cities license street entertainers. We could too, says Stefan Tymkewycz.

Street party organisers see red over Orange march blunder

A STREET party planned for today has been cancelled after organisers were told at the last minute it clashed with an Orange march.

Pipers get marching orders as police banish 'noise nuisance'

BAGPIPERS have been cleared from the Royal Mile as police step up their drive against the "noise nuisance" caused by Scotland's national instrument.

Royal Mile pipers: 'Police need a new sense of perspective'

ONE of the things police officers attending relatively minor incidents appear to despise is being quizzed by the public over whether they have nothing better to do with their time.

Starbucks push for 24-hour opening

A BID by the Starbucks coffee chain to open 24 hours in Edinburgh is being blocked by police amid fears of disorderly late-night customers.

Mile's history in pictures

A HIDDEN history of the Royal Mile will be unveiled through a series of photographs which will go on display this Saturday.

Driver in a spot of bollard bother

A MOTORIST faces a costly repair bill after his car was impaled on one of the Royal Mile's rising bollards.

Royal Mile van rapist is jailed

A BUILDING worker who was seen having sex with a drunken student in a parked van was jailed for three and a half years today.

Vandals leave charity shop with huge bill

A ROYAL Mile charity shop faces a bill running into thousands of pounds after vandals smashed the store's window.

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