Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel's resurrection revealed

IT is one of Scotland's most intriguing attractions, yet for years its true beauty has remained a mystery to the thousands of visitors who flock there each week.

Collapse of skilled stone firm hits Rosslyn Chapel

REPAIRS to Rosslyn Chapel will be delayed for at least a year following the collapse of the historic chapel's stonemasons.

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Rosslyn Chapel work firm closes

WORK at Rosslyn Chapel has ground to a halt after the stonemasonry firm dealing with the restoration went into administration.

Two ancient havens for bees discovered in roof at Rosslyn Chapel

IT IS the latest mysterious discovery to cause a buzz among visitors to Rosslyn Chapel.

Workers dig up human remains at chapel

CONSERVATIONISTS have discovered what are thought to be human remains at Rosslyn Chapel – the world-renowned religious site made famous by The Da Vinci Code.

Sick Kids appeal boss held second 'secret' job

THE suspended director of the crisis-hit £15 million Sick Kids New Pyjamas appeal had her contract terminated with another Lothians charity after failing to raise a penny.

Tom Hanks' Rosslyn handout

HOLLYWOOD legend Tom Hanks has made a personal donation to help restore Rosslyn Chapel where part of his hit film The Da Vinci Code was made.

Hollywood legend Tom Hanks makes donation to Rosslyn Chapel restoration

THE 15th-century church helped make him make millions – and now he is repaying the favour.

Rosslyn Chapel focuses on security bid

PLANS to install security cameras at Rosslyn Chapel to monitor visitors and give added protection to the historic site have been given the green light by council chiefs.

Rosslyn Chapel visitor centre lands revamp grant

ROSSLYN Chapel's visitor centre and a city play park are among the projects to benefit from a cash windfall from the Landfill Communities Fund.

Rosslyn Chapel kicks off £1m bid to buy a new roof

THE Rosslyn Chapel has launched a £1 million appeal to raise funding to secure its future as work on its crumbling roof gets underway.

Rosslyn Chapel: Raising the roof

IT IS one of Scotland's best-known historic attractions – thanks to centuries of mystery and intrigue… and the small matter of a multimillion-selling book.

Michael TRB Turnbull: Did Shakespeare beat Dan Brown to Rosslyn?

DAN BROWN'S latest novel, The Lost Symbol has just been published, with the same cast of characters as The Da Vinci Code. But there is one final and intriguing mystery he has overlooked – the possibility that Rosslyn Chapel and Castle may have been visited by William Shakespeare.

1836 chapel painting revives Holy Grail quest

AN UNUSUAL painting has emerged that seems to present fresh evidence of the fabled history of Rosslyn Chapel.

Painting's stairs lead to another mystery at Rosslyn

The mystery of Rosslyn Chapel has been given a new twist amid claims that the historic building may be hiding more secrets deep underground.

Chapters on the chapel

A FORMER Midlothian college lecturer has written a history of Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn mysteries revealed

A TALK on the mysterious history of a Lothian chapel is to be staged in Edinburgh next week.

Health and safety bans visitors from taking photos at Rosslyn

ONE of Scotland's most iconic tourist attractions has imposed a ban on photography – for health and safety reasons.

Rosslyn set to close the shutters on camera use

IT is one of the most iconic and mysterious buildings in the Lothians, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Author reveals the secrets of Rosslyn Chapel

AN author will explore the myths surrounding Rosslyn Chapel in a talk about his new book.

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