Rory Blackhall murder

Rory Blackhall murder

Absence drive in wake of Rory death

AN Executive consultation aimed at promoting good school attendance and cutting truancy was set to be launched today by Education Minister Hugh Henry.

Rory parents' tribute to caring officers

THE parents of murdered schoolboy Rory Blackhall today paid tribute to the two family liaison officers who helped them, as the constables were due to pick up awards. Pc Derek Long and Pc George Richardson spent three weeks alongside Rory's parents, Michelle, 42, and Russell, 43, and his older brother Conal, 15.

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Murderer's house fetches £86,000 at auction

THE house where the killer of schoolboy Rory Blackhall committed suicide has been sold for £86,000 in an auction.

Rory suspect's former house put up for sale

THE former home of the man suspected of murdering schoolboy Rory Blackhall has been put up for sale.

Arsonists set Rory suspect's home on fire

THE former home of the man suspected of murdering schoolboy Rory Blackhall has been torched by vandals.

Playground blitz in wake of Rory

PLAYGROUND supervisors are to be posted at primary school gates in the wake of the murder of Rory Blackhall.

NHS calls for probe into advice to nurses after Rory tragedy

LOTHIAN health chiefs have ordered a review of the advice given to nurses who believe a patient has committed a crime, in the wake of Rory Blackhall's murder.

Inquiry into schoolboy's murder ruled out

THE parents of the murdered schoolboy Rory Blackhall last night said they had been given "peace of mind" after Scotland's most senior law officer ruled out a public inquiry into his death.

Sex offence suspects face bail shake-up

THE Scottish Executive was today unveiling moves to make bail conditions tougher for suspected sex offenders in the wake of the murder of Rory Blackhall.

Rory police under fire for copter delay

POLICE chiefs have been criticised for delaying the use of a helicopter in the hunt for 11-year-old Livingston schoolboy Rory Blackhall, who was later found murdered.

Early absence alert to protect pupils

PARENTS are to be contacted whenever their children fail to turn up at school or nursery in the Capital in a bid to prevent youngsters coming to harm.

Rory report targets police and courts

A REPORT on the handling of the inquiry into the murder of 11-year-old Livingston boy Rory Blackhall criticises police and court staff.

Rory murder site drunks ban scrapped

POLICE have abandoned plans to ban drunks and vagrants from the woodland where the body of murdered youngster Rory Blackhall was found.

Text message truancy alert planned after Rory tragedy

A TEXT messaging service to alert parents if their children do not turn up at primary school could be introduced in the wake of the Rory Blackhall murder.

Report on boy's death 'critical of courts'

A REPORT into the death of schoolboy Rory Blackhall will criticise court services, it was reported last night.

Five men charged with indecency released

FIVE suspected sex offenders were being hunted by Lothian police after missing their court appearances only days after Rory Blackhall was murdered.

Rory's school praised for care

THE primary school where the murder victim Rory Blackhall was taught has been praised for the way it looks after the care and welfare of its pupils.

Police seek vagrants ban at Rory body site

DRUNKS and vagrants are set to be banned from woods where the body of murdered Rory Blackhall was found in a bid to prevent another tragedy.

Stranger panic in wake of Rory

THE murder of schoolboy Rory Blackhall has sparked a spate of false alarms about strangers attempting to abduct children.

If it prevents future tragedies then it is money well spent

TRAGIC events too often seem to trigger public sympathy and calls for action but little in the way of real change to prevent the situation happening again.

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