Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Being president isn't everybody's cup of tea

HE WAS the most powerful man on the planet and steered humanity through a time when two superpowers teetered on the brink of mutually assured destruction.

Tears at sunset end Reagan's long goodbye

IN THE end it was all too much for Nancy Reagan. As she said goodbye to her beloved husband she broke down in tears and clutched the Stars and Stripes that had adorned his coffin.

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Reagan hailed as one of greats in farewell

AMERICA’S long farewell to Ronald Reagan reached its climax yesterday with a majestic state funeral at Washington’s National Cathedral where past and present world leaders lauded the 40th US president as a prophet of freedom and moral victor of the Cold War.

Thousands pay silent tribute

THOUSANDS more people filed silently past the coffin of the former president, Ronald Reagan, yesterday as final preparations were made for the United States’ first presidential state funeral in more than 30 years.

Thatcher pays her respects to Reagan

MARGARET THATCHER today paid tribute to her former close political ally Ronald Reagan as his body lay in state in Washington.

Washington flies flags of respect for Reagan

RONALD Reagan’s coffin rode in solemn procession through the streets of Washington DC yesterday as thousands of people waving American flags paid tribute to the former president.

Thousands queue to pay last respects to Reagan

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger and his wife were among the first of thousands of mourners to pay their respects to former United States president, Ronald Reagan.

Final journey for Ronald Reagan

AS the soldiers and sailors loaded the late US president Ronald Reagan’s flag-covered casket into a hearse yesterday, they began a carefully choreographed series of memorials and ceremonies.

Reagan mourners pay final respects

THRONGS of mourners headed to California today to pay their final respects to Ronald Reagan in the first of several public events to honour the 40th US President’s last wish that ordinary Americans be given a chance to say goodbye.

Hollywood screen hopeful who won the starring role as president's wife

RONALD Reagan’s easy charm and apparent gregariousness hid the fact that he had few close friends and confidants. For 50 years, his second wife, Nancy, was both his most intimate adviser and the centre of his life. In fact, Reagan really had only two loves: his wife and the American people.

Bush true heir to new Republican agenda forged in 1980s Washington

GEORGE Bush may be his father’s son, but he is Ronald Reagan’s heir. At home and abroad, Bush has first co-opted and then built upon the late president’s legacy.

Reagan's lasting legacy

EUROPEANS habitually have a difficult time assessing United States presidents, especially ones such as Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan, actor and politician

Born: 6 February, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois

Political partners in step to take on the world

THEY were political soulmates whose relationship changed the world. He hailed her as the "best man in England", and she called him the "second most important man in my life". Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were fighting the same battles on different fronts.

Scottish radical roots of a canny global player

IN 1991, Ronald Reagan returned to his Scottish roots to visit the church where two of his ancestors married early in the last century.

World leaders, friends and some former adversaries voice their tributes to 'a great American'

A GREAT American life has come to an end. He leaves behind a nation he restored, and a world he helped save. During the years of President Reagan, America laid to rest an era of division and self-doubt. Because of his leadership, the world laid to rest an era of fear. US President George W Bush

Ronald Reagan: man who won the Cold War and revived the American spirit

RONALD Reagan seemed like a very ordinary fellow. To many Europeans, as well as many Americans, he lacked all the basic credentials that are needed in a president. He was a below-average student at Eureka College.

Feel-good president who made Americans smile again

RONALD Reagan will be remembered as the man who made America smile again.

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