Romanian steel works row

Romanian steel works row

Tycoon's '£2m peerage' row

LAKSHMI Mittal, the Indian steel magnate who has become Britain's richest man, yesterday played down suggestions that he is to be ennobled in return for a £2million donation to Labour.

Steelgate magnate is UK's richest Asian

AN ASIAN billionaire who gave a donation to the Labour Party before gaining the party’s approval to buy a Romanian steel plant has seen his wealth increase by £400 million, according to a survey.

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Mittal steel row ambassador is reassigned

THE diplomat who plunged Tony Blair into the ‘Steelgate’ cash-for-contracts row has been removed by stealth from his ambassadorial job.

Blunkett hits back over Tory claim that billionaire bought Labour

DAVID Blunkett, the Home Secretary, demanded a public apology from his Conservative predecessor, Michael Howard, last night for alleging that the Home Office had acted on behalf of the wealthy Labour donor Lakshmi Mittal to Belgian authorities.

Tory takes Labour to task over donor

TOP Tory Michael Howard today poured scorn on the government’s claims that its approach to the Belgian authorities over criminal investigations into Labour donor Lakshmi Mittal was normal practice.

Labour Party benefactors top UK Asian rich list

LAKSHMI Mittal, the steel magnate at the centre of a Labour funding controversy, was yesterday named as Britain’s richest Asian.

‘Steelgate’ man is UK’s richest Asian

LAKSHMI Mittal, the businessman at the centre of the Government’s "steelgate" controversy, was today named as Britain’s richest Asian.

The Byers saga hits Blair poll rating

TONY Blair’s personal rating has taken a blow following the Stephen Byers and Mittal controversies, according to an opinion poll published last night.

Scots firm in Labour donation probe

FINANCE watchdogs are to investigate contracts awarded to a Scottish company which donated £5,000 to the Labour party five months after winning £30m of government work.

Mittal's £315m loan

TONY Blair’s government helped provide a second loan to controversial Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

‘Blair should apologise to UK steel workers’

THE government was under pressure yesterday to apologise to British steel workers for its decision to support a foreign firm which has threatened UK jobs.

Steelgate donor uses UK tax loophole

THE Labour donor who sparked the "Steelgate" row avoids paying tax in the UK through a loophole Tony Blair pledged to close, it was reported today.

Mittal fatigue as Blair faces fresh attacks

AN INFLUENTIAL Labour MP last night increased the pressure on Tony Blair over the Steelgate affair by calling for a new sleaze watchdog to be set up to police ministers' behaviour.

Labour MP joins call for Mittal inquiry

A SENIOR Labour MP yesterday heaped embarrassment on Tony Blair by echoing Tory calls for an inquiry into the increasingly tangled web surrounding the government and its links with the Indian businessman, Lakshmi Mittal.

Blair at a loss to defend sleaze claims

TONY Blair’s credibility in the Lakshmi Mittal "cash-for-influence" controversy appeared torn to shreds last night, after Downing Street failed to explain how the Indian steel tycoon had ever acted in Britain’s interests.

Mittal seeks more cash in Steelgate row

THE "Steelgate row" was set to continue to embarrass the Labour government today as it was revealed that controversial Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal would be seeking another massive euro loan to complete his purchase of the Romanian steel company at the heart of the funding scandal.

Heavy Mittal GM..

TONY Blair appears to have been crossing his fingers and hoping that the Mittal scandal will just go away.

Clear case for transparency

PROMISES made in the heat of an election campaign all too often create hostages to fortune. Tony Blair was adamant that - in the dog days of a Conservative government that had long outstayed its welcome and had become mired in a succession of sleaze allegations ranging from Neil Hamilton’s serious misconduct to the low farce of Piers Merchant’s affair with a 17- year-old nightclub hostess - public life in Britain had to change for the better.

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