Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce

Scottish history errors explained: From William Wallace to clan tartans, the truth behind the legends

A new book by a TV question-setter helps sort out a few misconceptions about Scotland, a couple of outright mistakes and some of our trickier pronunciations

Robert the Bruce sword fetches £10,000

IT WAS commissioned by a 14th century nobleman in memory of the final battle waged by King Robert the Bruce's most trusted captain.

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Bruce enthusiasts plan heritage centre for 'neglected' king

A MULTI-MILLION-POUND visitor attraction is planned to celebrate the life of Robert the Bruce, Scotland's "neglected" king.

Try, try and try again – Robert the Bruce takes rightful place after 130 years

IT TOOK more than 130 years, but from tomorrow, Annan town hall will be finally completed.

Bruce's victory 'nothing to do with Templars'

THE leading living descendant of Robert the Bruce has leapt to the defence of his ancestor's generalship at Bannockburn after claims that the mysterious presence of Templar knights played a decisive part in his victory over the English.

Tilda Swinton: The great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great granddaughter of Robert the Bruce…

ONE of Britain's leading actresses is a descendant of Robert the Bruce – through both her mother and father.

Spanish tours to follow warrior's trail

THE Scottish warrior who took Robert the Bruce's heart to the Crusades is to be commemorated for the first time with a museum and guided tours in Spain.

City carves a 'thank you' to King Robert the Bruce

SEVEN centuries ago, King Robert the Bruce laid the foundations for Aberdeen's Common Good fund when he issued a Royal Charter, granting the city fathers the rights to one of his favourite hunting grounds.

Rediscovered: Lost abbey where Bruce was crowned

ONE of Scotland's most important "lost" historic sites - the ancient abbey where Robert the Bruce is believed to have been crowned on the Stone of Destiny - has been rediscovered.

700 years on, still battling over Bannockburn

THE National Trust for Scotland has defended its portrayal of the Battle of Bannockburn as "two kings jostling for position" as opposed to a battle between Scotland and England.

Hill of a fight looming over Bannockburn

IT PLAYED a key role in the greatest ever Scottish victory over the English but - almost 700 years after the fight ended - it now faces annihilation.

Bruce links with city inspire statue contest

ARTISTS are being invited to design a statue that will mark historic links between King Robert the Bruce and Aberdeen.

Battles are still making history after 700 years

WILLIAM Wallace and Robert the Bruce triumphed again last night - this time in a television poll to find Scotland's most significant historical moments.

Bannockburn: the battle that almost wasn't

PITCHED battles had not gone too well for the Scots against the English - from the Battle of the Standard in 1138 to the defeat at Falkirk in 1298. After his army suffered these serious defeats, Scots freedom fighter Robert the Bruce turned to a guerrilla strategy of surprise attacks and destruction of castles to gain an edge.

The people's king

AS THE Scots triumphed at Bannockburn, the poet John Barbour expressed pity for the vanquished who fled in all directions, some drowning as they attempted to swim the Forth.

Road to redemption

JOHN of Fordun was the first of numerous Scottish chroniclers and historians who could not understand how William Wallace, dazzling victor of Stirling Bridge and many other encounters, could lose so convincingly at Falkirk.

Bruce family plan tourist trail for king

THE biggest gathering of descendants of Robert the Bruce in centuries meets this weekend to pay respects to the former King of Scotland - and to develop plans for a tourist trail to mark his life.

Birth of a new nation

SEVEN hundred years ago today, Robert Bruce was coronated at Scone, the ancient inauguration place of the kings of Scots in the presence of four bishops, five earls and 'the people of the land'.

Bruce watched spider 'in Northern Ireland'

ONE of Scotland's most famous historical meetings - that of Robert Bruce and the spider which inspired him to continue the struggle for independence - took place in Northern Ireland, it was claimed yesterday.

Robert the Bruce to hit tourist trail

LIKE their famous ancestor, they will keep on trying until they finally succeed. The descendants of Robert the Bruce are determined to build a lasting tribute to one of Scotland's greatest heroes by launching a heritage trail in his memory.

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