Robert Kilroy-Silk

Robert Kilroy-Silk

Kilroy-Silk accusation gives M&S something to reflect on

THESE aren't just mirrors. These are Marks & Spencer special slimming mirrors.

Kilroy-Silk quits own party

FORMER chat-show host Robert Kilroy-Silk has quit as leader of Veritas, the political party he set up ahead of the General Election, he announced yesterday.

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Kilroy-Silk may be ousted as leader of his own party

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk faced a new blow to his career last night, after it emerged that members of Veritas, the party he created earlier this year, want to dump him as leader.

Defiant Kilroy-Silk vows to fight on

VERITAS leader Robert Kilroy-Silk failed in his bid to get back into Parliament but vowed to keep on fighting.

Would you vote for this man?

ROBERT KILROY-SILK was just 18 months old when he lost his father. He died in the war. No, corrects Kilroy-Silk, his father was "killed in action". He half smiles. That’s different. His father didn’t keel over from a heart attack or stroke. He died fighting. And that means he died for a cause.

Kilroy's party promises the 'truth'

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk unveiled Britain’s newest political party, Veritas, yesterday, revealing one of its core policies when he declared immigration has "stolen our country from us".

Kilroy-Silk launches his own party

FORMER TV chat show host Robert Kilroy-Silk was today launching his own anti-European political party after quitting the UK Independence Party when he failed to become its leader.

Kilroy quits UK Independence Party

THE talk-show host turned MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk announced last night he is to quit the UK Independence Party, saying he was ashamed to be a member.

Kilroy-Silk set to resign from UKIP

TELEVISION presenter turned Euro MP Robert Kilroy-Silk was tonight due to announce he is quitting the UK Independence Party.

Protester hits Kilroy-Silk with a bucket of slurry

THE outspoken Euro-MP, Robert Kilroy-Silk, had a bucket of slurry tipped over him as he turned up for a live radio programme last night.

UKIP glad to be rid of 'negative' Kilroy-Silk

FORMER TV chat-show host, Robert Kilroy-Silk, resigned from the United Kingdom Independence Party whip yesterday after months of infighting.

Kilroy-Silk steps up bid to take over UKIP reins

FORMER TV chat show host and Labour MP Robert Kilroy-Silk has stepped up his campaign to be leader of the UK Independence Party.

Kilroy-Silk makes his move to become leader of UKIP

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk, the former BBC talk show host who has become frontman for the UK Independence Party, has launched a bid to lead the party he joined only five months ago.

PM poll axed as Kilroy wins

AN online poll asking readers to vote for the best candidate for Prime Minister has been scrapped - after Robert Kilroy-Silk came top.

Kilroy-Silk tells fellow MEPs 'we want our country back'

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk made his rabble-rousing debut in the European Parliament yesterday, demanding the UK’s immediate withdrawal from the European Union.

Kilroy-Silk avoids further action over Arab slurs

NO ACTION will be taken against the former TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk for possible incitement to racial hatred, after he attacked Arabs in a Sunday Express article, the Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday.

Kilroy was here: up close and personal

MOST politicians use the phrase "pressing the flesh" with a certain disdain.

Spotlight on Kilroy again as he makes Brussels bid

ROBERT Kilroy-Silk, once a Labour MP and chat-show host, yesterday completed his extraordinary career shift by helping launch the UK Independence Party’s campaign for next month’s European elections.

Kilroy to stand for European parliament

AXED talk-show host Robert Kilroy-Silk is to stand as a European MP for the United Kingdom Independence Party in next month’s elections, the party said yesterday.

Cancelling Kilroy-Silk costs BBC £625,000

THE decision to take presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk off air following his controversial anti-Arab remarks has cost the BBC more than £600,000, it emerged yesterday.

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