Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle

Carlyle reveals tearful vigils for late father

IN THE shadowy darkness of early morning, few Glaswegians would have noticed the man at the wheel of the car touring the most deprived areas of the city earlier this year.

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Glad to be bad

ROBERT Carlyle is looking me up and down. With visible impertinence, he casts his eye over my body, poring over every detail. He is being neither lecherous nor lustful - in fact he looks positively indifferent - and, having seen all he needs, he dismisses me as material for some other libidinous fool.

Father's death causes Carlyle to quit movie

A GRIEF-STRICKEN Robert Carlyle has pulled out of his latest film following the death of his father three weeks ago.

Carlyle launches 'Begbie-style' tirade at C4 chief

HE RARELY gives interviews, but when he does, be sure to have a plentiful supply of asterisks.

Carlyle on target for gangster roles again

ROBERT Carlyle is being headhunted to star alongside James Gandolfini in a film which would see him consolidate his position as a leading player in gangster movies.

Film crew hit by run of bad luck

A FILM focusing on the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and James VI and I, and which stars Robert Carlyle, has been as ill-fated as the infamous ‘Scottish Play’ after a series of disasters.

Carlyle's struggle: outrage as Scot tackles Hitler role

ROBERT Carlyle’s determination to play the most monstrous role of his career has sparked outrage from Jewish communities in Scotland.

Napier University honour for Carlyle

THE actor Robert Carlyle was yesterday awarded an honorary doctorate marking his achievements in the film industry - and announced he was getting drunk to celebrate.

Film star Carlyle set for university honour

FILM and television star Robert Carlyle was today due to receive an honorary degree in Edinburgh.

Fame turns Plockton into ghost town

PICTURESQUE Plockton, the Highland harbour village made famous as the fictional ‘beat’ of TV cop Hamish Macbeth, is a tragic victim of its own success.

Carlyle books in Welsh for hotel tale

HE made his name with an X-rated novel about a group of heroin addicts living in Leith.

Psycho drama

Robert Carlyle is sparring politely, pronouncing his Ts, and explaining his two-track career. "You make the big movies, with their artistic compromises, so you can make the little ones, where you get to act," he says. "In the end, it comes down to budget. Less than £5 million, it’s about something. As soon as it goes over that, you’re in trouble. The reality shifts. Everything gets heightened. If I’m on a roof with a gun at somebody’s head, then the jump in believability has already happened."

Festival heralds stars at film premiere

ROBERT Carlyle and Rhys Ifans received the red carpet treatment last night as they appeared at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the British premiere of their new film.

Film star Carlyle makes city his latest appearance

TRAINSPOTTING star Robert Carlyle was due in the Capital today to launch his new film ahead of the launch of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Culloden goes west in Carlyle’s film of the Clearances

VIOLENCE will return to Culloden next year when the battlefield is used for filming a new Scottish "Western".

Highland cows facing exile from village

HIGHLAND cows have roamed for centuries through the streets of the West Highland village of Plockton where the hit television series Hamish MacBeth was filmed.

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