Road tolls

Road tolls

London congestion charge soars to £25 a day for 4x4s

GAS-GUZZLING vehicles, such as 4x4 "Chelsea tractors", will have to pay a £25 daily charge to enter London's congestion charge zone from October.

Protesters hail road tolls axe

THE National Alliance Against Tolls has welcomed the official abolition of tolls on the Forth Road Bridge.

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Bridge tolls to stay until end of January

TOLLS will not be removed from the Forth and Tay road bridges until at least the end of January, The Scotsman has learned.

SNP vows to block road tolls north of Border

ROAD tolls will be blocked north of the Border by ministers refusing to pass the legislation needed to make them work in Scotland, Government insiders revealed last night.

Abolishing Forth and Tay bridge tolls will mean one-off costs of £21m, say ministers

SCRAPPING tolls on the Forth and Tay road bridges will incur one-off costs of up to £21 million, ministers said yesterday as they published measures paving the way for the move on 1 January next year.

Greens attack car fee plans

KEN Livingstone faced a green backlash yesterday over his plans to give at least 25,000 small cars free access to the congestion-charge zone in London.

Pledge to cut bridge tolls is greeted with scepticism

LABOUR yesterday pledged to scrap tolls on the Tay Road Bridge and waive charges for cars with passengers on the Forth Road Bridge in a move which is expected to cost taxpayers more than £3 million a year.

Road plan dropped

THE Liberal Democrats have abandoned plans to push for pay-as-you-drive road charging in Scotland ahead of the rest of Britain.

'£40 tax' for driving from Edinburgh to Glasgow

THE journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow could cost drivers £40 under government plans to introduce road charging, Alex Salmond claimed yesterday.

Road tolls a 'replacement tax' not extra cost, claims Tavish Scott

TAVISH Scott, the transport minister, defended his controversial plan for road tolls in Scotland yesterday, claiming it would be a replacement tax on motorists, not an additional tax.

Blair sends 1.8m e-mails to try to sway opponents of road pricing

TONY Blair insisted yesterday that pay-as-you-drive road pricing must be considered to tackle congestion, as he sent an e-mail response to the 1.8 million people who signed an online petition against the scheme.

Forth bridge tolls 'are here to stay', says First Minister

JACK McConnell yesterday admitted that tolls on the Forth Road Bridge might have to be retained to help pay for a new crossing.

Government 'will win over' critics on road pricing petition

THE Government was today defiant over its plan to bring in road pricing on Britain's trunk routes despite growing opposition to the scheme.

Tories take lead in opposing road tolls

THE Tories will try to turn up the heat on the Executive over pay-as-you-drive road charging in a Holyrood debate on Thursday.

Executive 'must examine use of road tolling'

ENVIRONMENTALISTS today urged Scotland's political leaders to explore the use of congestion charging to tackle Scotland's transport problems.

Welcome to our inclusive government: now shut up

WE HAVE had a worrying insight into the mindset of the Cabinet in recent days. An online petition on the Downing Street website had registered almost 1.5 million electronic signatures from Britons thoroughly enraged by the government's proposal to introduce road-charging, whereby drivers would pay a fee according to distance driven.

Car number plate cameras 'first step towards tolls'

MOTORING organisations and opposition MSPs expressed concern yesterday that the new £1.25m number-plate recognition camera network was the first step towards introducing road tolls in Scotland.

One million sign up to oppose road tolls

A MOTORISTS' pressure group yesterday called on the government to scrap plans for road charging after an online petition opposing the project passed the one million-signature mark.

Labour whip quits to axe bridge tolls

LABOUR'S chief whip at Holyrood today announced he had quit his post in order to vote against the Scottish Executive and abolish tolls on the Forth Road Bridge.

Executive faces defeat over Forth Road Bridge tolls

THE Scottish Executive was today facing the possibility of an embarrassing defeat on scrapping tolls on the Forth Road Bridge.

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