Riyadh bombings

Riyadh bombings

UK government backs Saudi regime over torture claims

A SCOTTISH engineer and his colleagues last night vowed to ask the European Court of Justice to restore their right to sue the Saudi Arabian government over torture they say they suffered in the Gulf kingdom.

Militant attacks rock Saudi capital

A SERIES of co-ordinated strikes left the heart of Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, strewn with crumpled cars and broken glass and left at least seven suspected militants dead last night, two weeks after Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda chief, called for more attacks on his homeland.

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Scot who says Saudis forced bomb confession wins right to sue

A SCOTTISH member of the group who won the right to sue their alleged Saudi torturers accused the British government yesterday of placing commerce before the welfare of its citizens.

Policeman dies in Saudi clash

ONE policeman died and three others were wounded in clashes with militants in Saudi Arabia today.

Wounded BBC reporter back from Riyadh

A BBC TV reporter who was seriously wounded in a gun attack in Saudi Arabia which killed his cameraman has been flown back to Britain, it emerged last night.

'Riyadh bombing' Britons fight to clear their names

SEVEN Britons imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and forced to confess to terrorist bombings launched a bid to clear their names yesterday at the High Court in London.

Britons to sue Saudis over 'imprisonment and torture'

TWO Britons who were imprisoned in Saudi Arabia following a spate of bombings and made to confess to them have made a claim for damages against their alleged torturers, it was revealed last night.

Freed Scot speaks out on Saudi crucifixion threat

A SCOT sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia over his alleged part in a bombing campaign has spoken of his fear that he would be crucified in public.

'I faced crucifixion' claims Scot freed from Saudi jail

SANDY Mitchell, the Scot placed under sentence of death in Saudi Arabia, has revealed he was due to be executed by crucifixion, writes Christopher Claire.

Freed trio demand Saudis prove guilt

THREE Britons freed from jail in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of a bombing campaign have demanded that the Saudi authorities either provide proof of their guilt, or accept they were innocent.

Freed Scot thanks MP for 'tireless campaign'

A SCOT who claims that he was tortured into confessing to a terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia yesterday said "thank you" to those who supported him through his ordeal.

Scot may sue Saudi government

THE Scot who claims he was tortured into confessing to a terrorist bombing in Riyadh is considering taking legal action against the Saudi Arabian government. Sandy Mitchell, 47, from Kirkintilloch, was one of six Britons freed from prison in Saudi Arabia last week.

Revealed: Charles' vital role in release of Britons from Saudi jail

PRINCE Charles played a central role in securing the release of six Britons who claim they were falsely imprisoned and tortured in Saudi Arabia for bombings they did not commit.

Tortured in the name of the King

SANDY Mitchell shed tears of joy as he checked out of Saudi Arabia’s notorious al-Haier jail, struggling to believe that he was actually being given his freedom.

Concession is likely to improve relations - for the time being

THE Royal pardon for the seven Britons jailed in connection with a bombing campaign is likely to end the latest diplomatic tussle between the British government and the House of Saud.

Torture row as Saudis free jailed Britons

SEVEN Britons jailed over a bombing campaign in Saudi Arabia flew back to the UK last night after being granted clemency, amid a growing diplomatic row over their treatment by prison authorities.

Despotic Saudi regime now a threat to stability

THE relief of the seven Britons released from prison in Saudi Arabia yesterday can only be imagined. But now that they are home and free, we should be asking tough questions about the Saudi regime and Britain’s attitude to it.

Widow learns of Britons' return

WHILE many in Britain were quick to welcome the return of the convicted seven Britons from Saudi Arabia, for the widow of Christopher Rodway the move only increases the chances that her husband’s killers will never be brought to justice.

'If he confessed to these crimes it would have been under duress'

ONE of Sandy Mitchell’s closest friends last night told how he is convinced that allegations that he was involved in a bootleg drinks ring in Riyadh are totally untrue.

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