River City

River City

Best foot forward to River City

BBC Scotland says tours of the set of River City have proved so popular they are fully booked for months in advance.

Shellsuit Bob opens the doors to soapland

IT may not carry the cachet of Coronation Street's cobbles, but Scotland's homegrown soap is banking on becoming a major draw for tourists.

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Hannah goes back to roots with River City role

SHE is perhaps best known as Lady Virginia Bellamy in Upstairs Downstairs and for killing Victor Meldrew in the last episode of One Foot In The Grave.

Shellsuit Bob's yer uncle

PREDICTABLY, I get lost. The girl from the publicity department said turn right after coming out of the train station, cross the garage forecourt, and I would be greeted by an accurate portrayal of life in modern-day Scotland. But instead of River City I find a Job Centre with a queue outside it: the young and the old, gentlemen of leisure, a lad on crutches and lots of sad, defeated faces.

Part of the job is soapy bubble

BOLD and brash - a minx who will do anything to get the man who is also being chased by her old enemy.

Thieves raid the home of River City star

RIVER City actress Eileen McCallum's home in Edinburgh has been raided by thieves.

Major staff cuts looming over BBC Scotland

JACKIE Bird could have her wings clipped and River City might slow to a trickle. BBC Scotland is facing deep job cuts which could lead to shorter news programmes, fewer episodes of soaps and comedies, and - worst of all - more repeats.

Policy makers stake a claim to TV soapbox

SCOTLAND’S newest soap opera has had a shaky start, derided by the critics for its wooden scripts and dull characters.

River City saviour out after just three months

CAROL-Ann Docherty, the television "big hitter" brought in to save River City, has been squeezed out of her £100,000-a-year job, it was claimed last night.

River City - waving or drowning?

River City kicked off a year ago, with four families living in Shieldinch, a close-knit fictional urban community by the Clyde. Given its birth date, 24 September, 2002, this TV Libran should have been characterised by balance, exuding sweetness, bathed in light. The usual attributes of the sign with perfect poise.

Another Thing

PANNED by the critics since its much-hyped first episode, the BBC’s gritty Scottish soap River City could be facing the fate of all soap operas earlier than expected.

Audience starts to bubble under for Scots soap River City

WHEN the landlord of the Tall Ship pub, Tommy Donachie, is bludgeoned to death in tonight’s episode of River City, he will be the first character to be killed off since the launch of BBC Scotland’s £10 million soap opera nine months ago.

BBC unveils omnibus of River City soap

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the living room, BBC Scotland has decided to double the amount of its struggling soap River City on television.

Can Duff cope with heroin?

SOAP opera characters are no strangers to drug abuse - from Zammo in Grange Hill to Nick Cotton in EastEnders to Jimmy Corkhill in Brookside, they’ve chased the dragon, piled on the pills and generally made them-selves a public nuisance.

Rambling on regardless

River City, BBC1

The voters' choice - River City

IT IS the ultimate television embarrassment - being hammered in the ratings by River City.

Anti-climax at River City

HOW desperate can you get? A whisper went round yesterday that River City, BBC Scotland’s soap-in-distress, was about to revive its fortunes - and its audience figures - by introducing a new actor with a celebrity past. Anxious producers had put their faith in a formula which worked for EastEnders, where Barbara Windsor and Martin Kemp became familiar figures in Albert Square. Wiser heads might have observed that not even Jane Asher could rescue Crossroads from the schedulers’ rubbish bin.

Viewers leave BBC's River City stranded

RIVER City has slumped to its lowest-ever ratings figure, with only 157,000 viewers tuning in to Wednesday night’s episode of the BBC Scotland soap.

Soap star cleaned out on holiday to Far East

A HOLIDAY of a lifetime turned into a nightmare for a Scottish soap star when her passport was stolen in Bangkok.

River at low tide

RIVER City, BBC Scotland’s new flagship soap, has suffered its first casualty. Launched in a blaze of publicity last year, River City was meant to reflect modern life in trendy Glasgow - a sort of tartan EastEnders.

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