Concern over rising use of 'chemical cosh' on disturbed youngsters

MORE children than ever in Scotland are being prescribed drugs to treat hyperactivity, figures revealed yesterday.

School computers 'cause of hyperactive kids'

CHILDREN are being doped up with drugs to counter their "hyperactivity" because they are overexposed to flashing computer screens in classrooms, a top neuroscientist has claimed.

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Children 'wrongly given' Ritalin

THOUSANDS of Scottish children, some as young as six, are wrongly being labelled hyperactive and given controversial drugs to stop anxious parents thinking they are to blame for unruly behaviour, a leading academic has warned.

Children's hyperactivity drug 'could treat anxious adults too'

RITALIN, the controversial drug given to hyperactive children, would turn around the lives of hundreds of thousands of lonely, anxious adults, it was claimed yesterday.

Hyperactivity - not always a child's disorder

HYPERACTIVE children can grow up to become hyperactive adults, according to new research by a team of psychologists.

Rocketing rise of behaviour-controlling drug

THE number of Lothians children prescribed with the behaviour-controlling drug Ritalin has risen more than sevenfold in the last seven years, it emerged today.

Exams students 'fuel up on Ritalin'

STUDENTS at St Andrews University are risking their lives by taking a powerful brain "steroid" to get through exams, it was claimed yesterday.

Medical opinion divided over rise in Ritalin use

ATTENTION Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a specific medical condition not to be confused with normal boisterous behaviour.

Drug workers attack 'kiddy coke whitewash'

DRUGS workers have accused the city council of a "whitewash" following reports of children abusing the hyperactivity drug Ritalin.

No stone unturned

CLAIMS that a growing number of children are abusing the hyperactivity drug Ritalin are a serious cause for concern.

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