Reunification of Cyprus

Reunification of Cyprus

Cypriots to lose symbol of division

RIVAL sides on divided Cyprus were preparing to dismantle a poignant symbol of half a century of division in a move diplomats hope will improve the climate for new peace talks.

Calls for Turkish Cyprus to join in euro adoption

WHEN the former British colony of Cyprus ditches its pound and joins the euro next week, it could be a step towards bringing together the economies of the divided island – even if no political solution is in sight.

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Divided island joins in grim quest to find out fate of missing loved ones

FAMILIES of hundreds of Cypriots who went missing in conflict decades ago were condemned to live in agonising limbo. This week, in a momentous event, some will finally get answers about their loved ones' fate.

Greek Cypriots pull down dividing wall

IN A surprise move that diplomats hope will help to break the three-year deadlock in attempts to reunify Cyprus, Greek Cypriots yesterday demolished a wall that symbolised the island's long division.

Breaking the barrier in Nicosia

GREEK Cypriots last night began dismantling a key part of the Green Line barrier dividing the island's capital, Nicosia.

Remembering our war dead

TODAY is Remembrance Day. The following is a list of British soldiers, sailors, marines, RAF personnel and merchant seamen killed on active service since the First World War.

Illustrious sails in to remember war dead

THE Royal Navy flagship, HMS Illustrious, steamed up the Thames in London yesterday for a weekend of Remembrance Day events.

Cyprus reunification hope

THE new Turkish Cypriot government of the premier, Ferdi Sabit Soyer, won a vote of confidence yesterday in the breakaway Turkish Cypriot state, boosting hopes of reunifying the island.

Cypriot leader hails 'revolution'

TURKISH Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, has described his resounding electoral victory as "a silent revolution".

Unity move

THE Turkish Cypriots’ minority government resigned yesterday in an apparent attempt to force fresh elections that could strengthen its position in future talks to reunify the island.

End of freeze for Turks

THE forbidden fruit of northern Cyprus is set to appear on European supermarket shelves as the EU prepares to bring the territory in from the cold.

Greek PM in Cyprus plea

GREEK prime minister Costas Karamanlis urged the United Nations to continue pursuing reunification of Cyprus, despite coolness by UN officials over doing anything in the near future.

Cyprus rethink

MORE than half of Greek Cypriots want a new reunification referendum provided their security concerns are met, according to a poll published yesterday.

EU aid for Turkish Cypriots

THE European Union yesterday pledged £175 million in aid to Turkish Cypriots to reward them for voting in favour of a United Nations plan to reunify the island.

Turks' anger as Greek Cypriots vote down reunification

HASAN Beydola, a Turkish Cypriot textile exporter on the verge of bankruptcy, was glum and angry yesterday, a day after Greek Cypriots sank a UN plan to reunify Cyprus, and with it hopes all Cypriots would enter the European Union together as equals.

EU hopes for Cyprus thwarted by Greeks

CYPRUS last night appeared an island forever divided after its Greek community defied international pressure and voted overwhelmingly to reject a UN-backed plan that would have ended 30 years of partition.

Cyprus about to make 'tragic mistake', says former leader

CYPRUS was on the verge of making a "tragic mistake" as the divided island looked likely to reject a reunification plan in today’s votes, a former president warned yesterday.

Russia veto for Cyprus

RUSSIA has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution put forward by Britain and the United States to encourage Greek and Turkish Cypriots to back a plan to unify their island.

Cyprus plan

GREECE yesterday signalled its support for a United Nations plan to unite Cyprus after the United States pledged $400 million to help rebuild the island if both communities vote next week to approve a peace plan.

Cyprus warning

TURKEY’S top soldier expressed concern yesterday that the UN plan to reunify Cyprus could "lead to great problems," including the creation of thousands of refugees.

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