Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

Manage your budget with Spendometer

A NEW device to help young people stay out of debt is launched today.

Jumbo bubbly bottle shortage fears

HIGH demand for large bottles of premium bubbly could prompt a shortage this festive season, experts predict.

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Encouraging savers away from Christmas clubs

Q: A FRIEND of mine wants to join a Christmas saving scheme for next year. I think she is crazy, especially given what happened to Farepak. What advice should I give her, and are schemes like Farepak still allowed to operate?

Ardbeg celebrates after being named best in the world

A WHISKY brand saved from extinction a decade ago has been name the best in the world by a leading guide.

How passenger numbers are taking off at Scottish airports

MORE of us are taking to the air than ever before, according to a major study into the growth of Scotland's airports. Lower fares and a growth in direct international flights have helped more than double the number of passengers over the past 15 years - boosting the tourism industry and the economy.

Ruling on credit cards offers more peace of mind

Q: I UNDERSTAND that I get a degree of protection by using my credit card for purchases, but what sort of protection exists when I make purchases abroad? Do the same rules apply? How do I go about claiming money back if I don't receive a product or a service from a company in another country?

Here's a tip - just not a very big one

NINE out of ten people regularly leave tips, but give an average of less than 10 per cent of the bill, a survey has shown. About 89 per cent of people often leave a tip worth about 8.5 per cent of the bill, according to private bank Cater Allen.

EU consumer laws won't go US route

AMERICAN-STYLE class action lawsuits are not on the agenda in Europe, ministers have promised.

Britons post most at Christmas time

BRITONS continue to send more Christmas cards than their European counterparts, according to a study of 8,000 consumers around Europe, carried out by digital marketing company eCircle.

Roadshows aim to educate shoppers about online rights

ONLINE spending in the UK is on track to hit £40 billion this year, according to figures published today, but consumer groups say shoppers are still unclear about how to go about getting the service to which they are entitled.

Making good choices is food for thought

CONSUMERS must deal with responsibility as well as choice. Choice comes in many forms, whether from a purely personal standpoint or from a society or community perspective.

Put your best foot forward to combat climate change

CONSUMERS in Scotland will be able to measure their carbon footprint at for free at a trade fair this week.

'Prizes' that could turn out to carry a heavy penalty

Q: I have been sent some scratchcards, which promise a cash prize if I send a cheque to cover "admin costs". I presume this is a scam, but how do I tell?

Tuning in to a new TV service? Now you have several options

UP TO a quarter of a million residents in southern Scotland will today discover how many weeks they have left in which to convert their televisions to receive a digital signal.

Home working: you could end up paying them

Q: I have discovered that my elderly father responded to an appeal for home workers. He thought he could get a bit of extra money by sticking address labels on envelopes for a company that advertised in his local post office. Of course, he has never been paid. Could you remind people not to respond to these offers?

UK in double jeopardy from rising imports

SHOPPERS across Britain are drifting into ever greater "Chinadependence" as we increasingly clothe ourselves, furnish our homes, watch television, listen to music and even decorate our Christmas trees with goods manufactured in China - in the last year alone, our spending on imports from China rose 18 per cent to £15.6 billion.

Punctuality the latest problem to hit BA flights

IT HAS been another summer of misery for air travellers in Scotland. Passengers have suffered their worst delays at Scotland's two main airports since records began more than a decade ago, according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Post offices across Scotland are braced for the axe to fall

DOZENS of post offices in Scotland will this week learn if they are to be axed as part of the government's controversial national closure plan.

Last line of defence when toys can turn into killers

TWO men in suits make an unusual sight as they browse the toy department of a vast Woolworths on a retail park in Scotland.

What your supermarket says about you

SO MUCH for a classless society. Social snobbery remains one of the main reasons for selecting a supermarket, according to research, despite retailers spending millions on advertising the quality of their food.

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