Reliance security

Reliance security

Pregnant prisoner chained for days

A PREGNANT prisoner admitted to hospital with serious complications was kept handcuffed to guards on a metre-long chain, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Reliance deal 'may cost millions more'

THE cost of paying the private operator Reliance to move prisoners between Scotland's jails and courts could soar by millions of pounds, according to an expert.

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Reliance inquiry as prisoner goes free

AN investigation is under way after a prisoner was released in error from court by the security firm Reliance.

Reliance pair suspended for 'waving lager' at prisoners

TWO members of staff from the security firm Reliance have been banned from working in courts after "provoking" prisoners by carrying crates of lager past their cells.

Reliance to capture more taxpayers' cash

THE controversial private security company Reliance is about to strike an improved deal for escorting inmates to court, The Scotsman can reveal.

Privatising jail escorts 'frees up 300 police'

PRIVATISING prisoner escort services has put 300 police officers and 200 prison officers back to front-line duties, a report has found.

Two hours to move prisoner to correct court

RELIANCE officers took two hours to transfer a prisoner just a few hundred yards between Edinburgh's High Court and Sheriff Court.

Reliance official is forced to apologise to sheriff

A SENIOR manager from the prisoner-escort company Reliance was in the dock himself yesterday - but escaped charges of contempt of court.

Reliance boss fails to meet angry sheriff

A PRISON escort agency boss will today face the wrath of a sheriff, after failing to appear yesterday and explain why his firm had not delivered an accused man to court.

My terror - by nurse hijacked in car after convict fled Reliance guards

AN ESCAPED prisoner threatened to kill a nurse when he hijacked her car while on the run from a hospital, after security staff uncuffed him for an X-ray.

Rules relaxed on 'double-cuffing' of women prisoners

RELIANCE, the prison escort company, has relaxed security procedures for female inmates following protests about women being "double-cuffed" when about to give birth.

Security firm Reliance cuts court guards in the dock

RELIANCE, the security firm in charge of escorting prisoners to court, is cutting back on staff who guard criminals in the dock.

Reliance van in crash as driver falls ill

A RELIANCE security van carrying a prisoner to a court appearance was involved in a collision with a lorry on the city bypass today after its driver fell ill.

Under-fire security firm Reliance returns freed prisoners to jail

PRISONER escort firm Reliance has mistakenly returned prisoners to jail despite them being bailed from court.

Real story shows Reliance success

THE decision by the Scottish Executive to award a contract for prisoner escort services to private security company Reliance has come in for criticism from many quarters.

That's him, definitely.. well, maybe

A MAN charged with breach of the peace while gate-crashing an Oasis concert was found not guilty after a policewoman wrongly identified a Reliance security officer as a missing co-accused.

Judge in threat to jail failing Reliance staff

A JUDGE yesterday told the troubled prisoner-escort firm Reliance that its staff could be jailed if they continue to fail the court system.

Prison escort firm warned staff face jail for blunders

UNDER-FIRE prison escort firm Reliance was today warned its workers could be jailed if they continue to fail the court system.

Bungling firm Reliance takes rapist to the wrong court

A RAPIST has finally been sentenced 24 hours after bungling Reliance staff took him to the wrong court.

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